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How Being A Versatile Athlete Can Make You More Recruitable

How Many Ways Can You Help Your Team Win? Let’s talk versatility. It really doesn’t matter what sport you want to play in college–being willing and able to do more than one thing to help your team win can make you more recruitable. Football Recruiting Most football players are recruited to play a specific position. […]

Three Tips to Academic Excellence

Athletes work incredibly hard to perform their best on the field, the court, and in the pool. They train, practice, and compete to be able to participate in their favorite sport at a high level. When you are an athlete in high school, you have even more stuff to juggle. In between homework, essays, projects, […]

You Are Not Alone In College Recruiting

Getting started on your recruiting can be scary, especially if you do not know what to expect or how to begin. Remember recruiting is a process and will take time to learn and master, so don’t get frustrated and end up quitting before you start. Don’t worry you don’t need to do this all on […]

Start Preparing for College Now

Knowing you want to play sports in college is one thing, being able to maintain and juggle sports and college is going to be something completely new to incoming student-athletes. It’s often one of the last things considered by incoming freshman, but is one of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy college life. […]

The Easiest Way To Speak With College Coaches

The most important part of the recruiting process can be summed up into one essential item; getting in contact and building relationships with college coaches. Many recruits come to us asking how to get recruited and begin to explain that they have had no college coaches or college scouts contact them or attend any of […]

College Recruiting Mistakes #4: Contacting Coaches

Picking up from last week, Timmy is mid junior year and loving football . He knew it was his time to shine and he isn’t disappointing his coaches or the crowds that seem to continue to grow each week. What was frustrating Timmy and his family was the lack of college coach attention he was […]

How to be Better at Recruiting Than Your Competition

It’s one thing to say you have what it takes to get recruited, but another to be willing to make your recruiting happen for you. Many potential high school recruits contact us looking for direction; they have multiple questions about how to get recruited and are extremely enthusiastic about getting started, but soon enough they […]

4 Critical Athletic Scholarship Questions You Need to Answer

High school athletes work hard to be the best at their sport. They would love to be able to continue playing through college while they earn their degree. Unfortunately, attending college has become unaffordable for many student-athletes and their families. As a college athlete, you have an opportunity to earn an athletic scholarship. But because […]

You Need Recruiting Goals, Here Are 5 Ways to Get Them

Why you need to create recruiting goals Having the goal of playing college sports, is something that most high school athletes dream about, but don’t know the proper steps of making it to the college level. Creating the right goals to get to the college level will help make the college recruiting successful. Student-athletes will […]

3 Tips for Injured Athletes in the Recruiting Process

Being a student-athlete is hard work. It takes a lot of dedication, organization, physical and mental strength. Athletes identify themselves with this passion for their sport and how they perform. Their lives revolve around their sport and for many, their happiness rests in their ability to play. So what happens when an athlete gets injured? […]

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