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You Need Recruiting Goals, Here Are 5 Ways to Get Them

College Recruiting GoalsWhy you need to create recruiting goals

Having the goal of playing college sports, is something that most high school athletes dream about, but don’t know the proper steps of making it to the college level. Creating the right goals to get to the college level will help make the college recruiting successful. Student-athletes will need to learn how to create a clear pathway in order to reach their main goal of; playing college sports. First, they will need to begin by constructing a main goal.

The Main Goal

This is the goal you will need to have your sights set on. A goal so big you don’t think is possible until you lay out a path to get there. It will be a long term goal. A goal you will need to work hard to achieve, but will be worth the wait when you achieve it.

Your Main Goal might look like this: When I graduate high school, I want to play college tennis at University of California.

Keep in mind, in order to achieve your main goal you need to Be Specific

Creating a clear path with specific smaller goals will help you make the recruiting process easier to navigate. Here are some examples of creating your smaller goal pathway:

  • During junior year season I will practice or train 6 times a week.
  • Throughout my junior year I will compete in at least 7 tournaments.
  • During junior year I will have researched colleges in which I will best be suited to play for and reach out to five coaches at those schools.


This is the most important step of the goal making process. You will need to make sure your goals are obtainable. Creating goals of playing at the NCAA division I level when you only started playing your sport as a high school senior may not be the most appropriate goal for you. This is not to say reaching the goal is impossible, it only means you will need to work much harder at getting to your ending point.

Give yourself time limits

Having goals with specific numbers and ending dates will make it better for you to see how hard you will need to work to achieve each smaller goal.


You need to take a look and review your goals every few weeks. This will give you time to make updates to your existing goals, create new goals and to cross off goals you have achieved. Looking over your goals frequently will also help remind you of what you will need to accomplish and work on in order to reach your main goal.

Remember to update your goals regularly, this will help you in navigating through your recruiting process and get you to your main goal.

If you need any assistance in creating recruiting goals or with any other recruiting aspects than leave a comment below or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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