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Quick Tips For Getting Started In Your Recruiting Process

You Have to Start Somewhere Thinking about playing sports in college? If you love playing and think you have what it takes to play at the college level then here are quick tips for getting started in your recruiting process. Know the Level of Competition That is the Best Fit The NCAA is the organization […]

An Expert Opinion on Why Nutrition Matters for Student-Athletes

Don’t Take Your Nutrition for Granted So you’re on your fourth visit to a college campus, trying to evaluate their athletic department and things are starting to blend together. This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make and you don’t want to make a mistake. Each school had solid facilities, academic […]

7 Ways to Help Your Student-Athlete Choose the Right College

Choosing the Right College  When the time comes to start discussing college options with your child it is good to be there to help prepare your child for the next step in their athletic and academic career. A parent’s role throughout the sports recruiting process is to lead the student-athlete in the right direction, not […]

10 Steps Every Parent Can Take to Help in the Recruiting Process

REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS  Watching your child grow and excel in sports can provide many rewarding moments. Being an avid observer to these athletic moments may lead eager parents into believing that their son or daughter was born to be a professional athlete and the natural next step after high school is the collegiate sports level. This […]

Myth: College Coaches Will Find Me.

If I’m Good Enough Coaches Will Find Me I don’t know if it is more naive or self-important to think that you will be noticed by just being you. Not that you can’t be a great recruit both athletically and academically, but if you wait around for coaches to start knocking on your door you […]

When Should I Start My Recruiting?

Is It Ever Too Early Can recruiting start too early? Not if you are in high school. Should coaches be trolling the little league fields looking for their next starting pitcher? Probably not. Just in the last year one prominent football school made headlines when it got a verbal commit from a seventh grade quarterback. […]

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