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Is Middle School too Early to Start College Recruiting?

A lot of thought goes into the college recruiting process. As a recruit you and your College Recruiting in Middle School family need to consider multiple scenarios and situations when it comes to finding your best college option.  Student-athletes who are not the top recruits in the country will need to realize their recruiting will be much more involved.  It’s up to the recruit to find the right colleges and start to introduce themselves to those coaches.

Sports recruiting can be an intense process, and if you are not aware of what you will need to do to get recruited you may get frustrated and quit the process before you are able to make any progress. If you are willing to make recruiting happen for you, then you need to learn what it will take.

Recruits need to understand what’s involved in the recruiting process in the early stages of their recruiting. We often hear from recruits during their senior year who want to know what they should be doing to get recruited. At times, waiting until your senior year sports season has wrapped up can be too late to find a scholarship. Most top university coaches are well on their way to creating their team roster at least a year in advance. Of course, this does not mean there is absolutely no chance of you getting recruited during your senior year, it just means it is less likely you will have the opportunities you would have if you had started your recruitment earlier.

Some will argue that it’s too early to start recruiting in middle school. When really it is the best time to begin to think about what you want in a college and where you would like to attend college. This does not mean middle school athletes should contact college coaches to see what their chance of gaining a scholarship is. What it does mean is: thinking about your recruitment early will get you ahead of the game.

What you can do Now

Students in middle school can research colleges online; they can learn what the campus amenities are and what the campus has to offer. They can also attend summer sports camps sponsored by the team and have an opportunity to meet the coaches there. Camps are a great way to get a feel for campus life.

On track with recruiting

Student-athletes, who are knowledgeable about their recruitment and learn what it will take will no doubt have the upper hand during their high school years of serious recruitment. They will know which college they want to attend and why. These student-athletes will know and understand the proper way for reaching out to college coaches and how to keep them updated with their athletic and academic progress.

If you have any other questions about what you should be doing to begin your college recruitment than leave a comment below or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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