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Something All Athletes Can Learn From Football Recruits

Depending on the sport you play you may have already realized there is more information Something All Athletes Can Learn From Football Recruitson football recruiting and even basketball recruiting when compared to all other college sports.

Why is this? It’s basically a numbers game. Football is the biggest team sport and together with basketball programs they are the top athletic revenue producers for NCAA division I and division II colleges. This does not mean that all other sports are irrelevant; it just means more fans and media focus their attention on top revenue sports.

Just because you play a non-revenue sport doesn’t mean you don’t have to work as hard or be as serious when it comes to your recruitment. You should be working harder than top football recruits- not the other way around. Learn what football recruits are up to and apply it to your own recruitment process.

The current trend for Football Recruits

This past week ESPN reported on how much money top 150 football recruits are spending on their unofficial visits. Yes, even if you are a top 150 recruit you are still looking at spending your own money on making a trip out to visit a college that wants to recruit you.

Why would these top recruits’ families spend money visiting a college when they can just take an official visit and have the trip paid for?

Great question! These recruits are taking their own time to visit colleges (colleges that are trying to recruit them) to ensure they know all they can about the university and to make sure they are making the best choice. When you look at it this way, it makes complete sense. All recruits are faced with the big decision of which college is going to be the best for them, if it takes more than one visit to finalize their decision, then good for them for making it a priority to learn all they can about the coach, staff, campus, academic and location.

We are always mentioning to recruits how valuable unofficial visits are and look who is taking advantage of the advice we put out there- the top football recruits! The benefits of taking unofficial visits can be used by all student-athletes, not just football and basketball players. This is one of those recruiting tips that any recruit looking for a leg-up can use to his or her advantage.

So how would you do this as a Football Recruit?

It’s easy. Get going in your recruitment. Create your college list, locate coaches contact information, compose a sports resume and start PLANNING.

If you are a legitimate recruit and have been in contact with the recruiting and coaching staff ,then you can start planning your trip now. A good time to make the trip would be your junior year of high school or even your senior year. This way you will have built up a relationship and coaches will know who you are. They will be willing to spend some time with you and show you around the facilities.

If you have more questions about how to set up an unofficial visit than leave your comment below and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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