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Start Getting Recruited Early to Increase Your Chances

Potential college recruits should be aware of the ever-changing college coaching shuffle. If you keep up with college sports you know what I mean. College coaches are either looking for better coaching opportunities, or can be “let-go” for not improving their team’s record. Some college coaches are always on the move, which is why recruits need to be aware of any coaching changes taking place at programs they are interested in.

If you have been following us for a while, I am sure you’ve seen our posts to new recruits about creating a college list and gathering college coaches’ contact information once they start high school. Starting recruitment in 9th grade helps recruits gain confidence and better prepares them for the latter years of recruiting.

Recruiting is a process, years in the making

High school freshmen have four years until high school graduation and two years until their recruitment really heats up, which is why they need to make sure they are reaching out to the right college coaches during those four years. Four years is a long time, college coaches can switch teams and positions multiple times within those four years, which is why recruits need to stay organized and keep up on all coaching changes.

One more item to worry about, Recruits

There is no way around it- as a recruit you have a lot of things on your plate. You need to create and keep an up to date sports recruiting resume, you need to make sure you have current video to send out to coaches, you need to find out what college will be the best match for you, you need to keep up your grades, take your ACT or SAT, keep improving in your sport, and that’s just a general list. In order to be successful in your sports recruiting you need to pay attention to details too.

Double check your send-outs

There is nothing worse than taking days to put together your video and resume and send it out to a college coach only to get a “ Delivery- FAILED” response. Depending on how often a college athletic team updates their information or how long ago you checked in with the college coaches you could be wasting your time and sending your information out to the wrong person, or worse, sending it to no person.

Stay on top of coaching changes, especially for the top colleges on your list. It will mean a lot once you start sending your information out to the new coach, as soon as he enters the program. This will show coaches that you keep up on the college happenings and that you are truly interested in the school.

If you have other questions about communicating with coaches then leave your comment below and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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