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4 Critical Questions to Answer Before Choosing a College

Deciding where you go to college is one of the biggest choices you will make in your life. College is where you will spend the next few years studying, experiencing new things, and growing as a person. That is why it is very important not to take this decision lightly. There are dozens of reasons […]

NAIA Success Stories: Making it to the Pros

There’s no doubt that NCAA sports are immensely popular here in the United States. Kids grow up playing sports and dream that one day they will play for their favorite big schools and end up on ESPN. Unfortunately, many of these kids won’t end up at big schools and playing games on TV. Many may […]

Should I Try To Get Recruited To Play Multiple Sports?

Playing More Than One Sport Many student-athletes that play at the level to be recruited for college athletics play multiple sports. Usually they are better in one sport over the others, but may possess the talent to be recruited in more than one sport. Depending on the sports, school, coaches and division level you are […]

Reality Checking Your Recruiting Expectations

Reality Check With the close of March Madness 2012 I believe it’s important to bring back down to earth the wants and desires of today’s American youth. Some of you may say I’m cynical, you might call me pessimistic–I like to call it being realistic regarding one’s options of playing any sport at the highest […]

One Thing They Don’t Tell You About Recruiting: Be Patient

Patience is a Virtue There are lots of things that can derail a season–transfer, injury, burn-out. For the college-bound athlete trying to earn an athletic scholarship, this can be a time to learn patience. The Tim Williams Story Tim Williams is a great example. After recording 22 sacks his freshman season at his Louisiana high […]

Recruiting Tricks You Can Learn From A Coach Who Understands Recruiting

Football Scholarships for Everybody Is it really possible for one school to have 19 high school students receive football scholarships in one season? It is and it happened this year at Friendship Collegiate Academy in Washington D.C. How is this even possible? While we advise against relying on your high school coach to get you […]

Student-Athletes Should Understand There Is No Such Thing As A Free Ride

A College Scholarship Is Not Free One of the funny things about college athletic scholarships is that most people think student-athletes are going to university completely free. They don’t take into account all the time and resources put into training for that sport over the years. And that doesn’t even take into account the costs […]

Are You Struggling To Gain Exposure To College Coaches?

Are You Part of the 99%? While some athletes don’t struggle with gaining exposure to college coaches, the numbers tell us that most will. The percentage is about 1% vs. 99%. For those falling into the latter 99%, a lot of work has to be done to become a legitimate college prospect. Although there isn’t […]

What Makes A Student-Athlete Athletically Ineligible With The NCAA?

Keeping Your Amateur Status When trying to figure out what you need to do to be eligible to play for a D1 or D2 school you need to take a lot of your past and present into consideration. Of course you have academics and your grades but another thing that you need to be aware […]

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