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Get Recruited in the World’s Most Popular Sport

Why Soccer Recruiting is Tough Work Here in the U.S., sports like football, basketball, and baseball seem to dominate our society’s favorite hobbies. These sports are very popular at all levels, from elementary school recreation leagues to college teams and the pros. Sports are a huge part of our culture and millions of fans identify […]

College Recruiting Mistakes #5: The Showcase

Timmy’s second sent out wasn’t much more successful than his first; coaches just didn’t seem to respond to the information Timmy’s mom sent out on Timmy’s behalf. By this point Timmy’s junior season has come to an end and Timmy still has never had a quality conversation with a college coach. After the debacle Timmy […]

How to Discuss Athletic Scholarships With Coaches

High school athletes in the recruiting process understand all the work that goes into it. Not only are you working hard to perform your best on the field and in school, but you also need to stay organized as you search for the college program that is right for you. Between emails, letters, and phone […]

If You Drink Energy Drinks Read This

Competitive athletes are continuously busy and they work hard to balance everything they have going on. Between school, competitions, and everything else, it’s important for these athletes to take care of themselves in order to perform at their best. Nutrition is a key part in the performance and maintenance of athlete’s bodies. But for many […]

4 Critical Athletic Scholarship Questions You Need to Answer

High school athletes work hard to be the best at their sport. They would love to be able to continue playing through college while they earn their degree. Unfortunately, attending college has become unaffordable for many student-athletes and their families. As a college athlete, you have an opportunity to earn an athletic scholarship. But because […]

Summer Time Recruiting Tips

Summer can be a crucial time for athletes who are looking to get recruited. And unless you play for a year-round team, chances are you don’t have plans to work out and stay in shape. That means when it’s time to come back to school for fall training, you won’t do as well. It’s important […]

Finding Ice Hockey Scholarships

Ice hockey is fairly limited sport in college athletics. There are only 136 men’s and 84 women’s college ice hockey programs in the United States. And most of these are located in the Northeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions. If you are serious about finding an opportunity to compete in college hockey, these will have to […]

3 Tips for Injured Athletes in the Recruiting Process

Being a student-athlete is hard work. It takes a lot of dedication, organization, physical and mental strength. Athletes identify themselves with this passion for their sport and how they perform. Their lives revolve around their sport and for many, their happiness rests in their ability to play. So what happens when an athlete gets injured? […]

Women Can Play College Football Too?

We recently had an athlete phone in with an interesting question: why can’t girls earn football scholarships? The truth is female football players can earn a scholarship to play in college. However, it is rare. You won’t find many female football athletes at the college level. While there has been a rise in female participation […]

Your NAIA Scholarship Options

Not many high school student-athletes are aware of the athletic scholarship opportunities at NAIA colleges. The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics has been assisting student-athletes since 1937 and serves close to 300 colleges and universities throughout the country. NAIA, like the more notable NCAA, focuses on the tradition that student-athletes are first a student studying […]

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