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Upcoming Dates Lacrosse Recruits Must Know

Important Dates for Lacrosse Recruits and how they affect your recruitment

At the end of this calendar year lacrosse players are met with Dead Periods and Quiet Periods. As a college recruit it will be up to you to be aware of these dates and to understand how they will affect your college recruitment. Below you will learn about important lacrosse recruiting terms and specific calendar dates as they stand for NCAA division I lacrosse players.

What is a Quiet Period and how it affects your recruitment

During the Quiet Period college coaches are permitted to have contact with potential recruits, but only on the grounds of their college campus. In addition, no student-athlete evaluations can happen, and the coach is not allowed to watch an athlete play or practice during the quiet period.

The men’s lacrosse Quiet Period runs from November 26- December 23 & January 22- February 28.

Women’s lacrosse Quiet Period is November 23- January 1.

What the quiet period means for potential lacrosse recruits

Because recruits are only allowed to meet with college coaches on their campus grounds it means it’s the perfect time for recruits to take an unofficial visit and meet face to face.  Remember, no evaluations can take place at this time so if you’ve been active in your recruitment and the coach has seen you play live or on film before making the trip then an unofficial visit without the need for an evaluation is perfect.

What you need to know about the lacrosse Dead Period

During the Dead period no face to face contact with college coaches is allowed. This includes evaluations and campus visits. College coaches are not allowed to see athletes compete or visit their high schools to watch them compete or practice. The only recruiting action allowed at this time is written correspondence and phone calls.

Remaining Dead Period dates on the Lacrosse Calendar

Men’s lacrosse:

  • December 24-January 6
  • April 15- April 18
  • May 24- May 27

Women’s Lacrosse Dead Periods:

  • April 15- April 18
  • May 24- May 26

How Dead Periods affect lacrosse recruits

Seniors can still continue talking with college coaches during this time through phone calls, emails, and social media. It’s important for lacrosse players and other recruits to be aware of dead periods so recruiting violations do not occur. Use dead periods as a time to catch up on your recruitment. Make sure you are sending coaches your most up to date sports resume and video.

Why it’s important to be aware of recruiting dates

If you or your coach is found to have violated the recruiting requirements, penalties can include college coaches involved being unable to recruit you. Don’t get caught in a recruitment violation, be aware of your recruiting calendar. It’s up to you to stay organized and up to date on all recruiting happenings.

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