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How Some Parents Cost Their Athletes Scholarships

Parents Doing Recruiting Work For AthletesContacting Us Is Encouraged

This past week I fielded a phone call from a concerned parent trying to become educated on the recruiting process. More importantly he was looking for exactly how he can help his son have the best opportunity possible to earn a college scholarship. These types of calls excite me and my fellow teammates here at College Sports Scholarships, WE LOVE TO SEE THOSE IN NEED OF HELP CONTACTING US! It is important that you, as a student-athlete or parent, understand that you too can call upon us for advice and help in the recruiting process.

The father I spoke with was looking for some very specific advice, I am glad I was able to help point him the right direction with a few different options and ideas. I was also able to educate him on some topics regarding recruiting he was very unfamiliar with. Although this parent had his son’s best intentions at heart, he didn’t realize the massive mistake he was making; a mistake many parents and student-athletes make during recruiting.

A Costly Mistake

Throughout our phone call this father kept referring to his contacting the coaching staff, his researching options for his son, his getting educated so he knew what the two should do next, and his frustration that coaches would not pay attention to him. While admirable that this father has decided to take time from his busy schedule to do his son’s bidding THIS IS A HUGE MISTAKE. It is likely the entire time this father has been following this plan he has been more of a hindrance than a help.

New Policy, New Way of Thinking

I informed him the best policy to follow from this period on is his son, not him, needs to be the one taking the lead on all scholarship related inquires. As mentioned, this is a mistake that many families fall victim too because student-athletes might be lazy, confused and not willing to learn, or unmotivated. Today’s generation seems to rely on Mom, Dad, or Coach to do their dirty work. While this may work behind the scenes with you, the student-athlete, receiving a silver platter of scholarship goodness, it doesn’t reflect well on the type of person you are or want to be.

A Coach’s Thoughts

You need to know that coaches are constantly judging the type of person you are, your work ethic, your commitment, your maturity; overall your ability to succeed as a collegiate athlete. How does it look to a coach when the only contact they receive about you is from your parents or from your coach? I promise you it doesn’t speak well and causes most coaches to move onto the next potential recruit without hesitation.

Parents, Guardians, & Coaches

I encourage you to work closely with your student-athlete helping them in the areas they may fall short but please understand helping is not doing. By doing your athletes bidding you are teaching them nothing about the real world except to be irresponsible and that it’s ok to not work hard for what you want in life because someone will do it for you. You will be just as big a help standing in the background with a watchful eye as you are dialing a phone and writing emails. I always encourage student-athletes to use their parents, guardians, and coaches as people to bounce ideas off of, someone to talk things out with, someone to proofread potential writings, etc. but the generator of all ideas and material should still be the athlete themselves.

Tale of Two Sides

I understand this because I have seen both sides. I have witnessed the triumph and satisfaction of self-motivation and the disappointment and frustration of those who allowed others to handle their cause. I promise you, get all the advice, help, and guidance you can throughout the recruiting process but when it comes time to sit, research, write, and contact, it better be the student-athlete in the driver’s seat and everyone else along for the ride.

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