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7 Ways to Help Your Student-Athlete Choose the Right College

Choosing the Right College  When the time comes to start discussing college options with your child it is good to be there to help prepare your child for the next step in their athletic and academic career. A parent’s role throughout the sports recruiting process is to lead the student-athlete in the right direction, not […]

Can a Parent Shoot a Recruiting Video?

“I Can Take My Home Videos and Make Them Into a College Recruiting Video” Sure, you can shoot your own college recruiting video and, with the types of editing software out right now, it is easy to make a quality video. What you don’t want to do is take just any video you have at […]

10 Steps Every Parent Can Take to Help in the Recruiting Process

REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS  Watching your child grow and excel in sports can provide many rewarding moments. Being an avid observer to these athletic moments may lead eager parents into believing that their son or daughter was born to be a professional athlete and the natural next step after high school is the collegiate sports level. This […]

Recruiting Mistakes Every Parent Makes

Have the Right Attitude Some parents believe their child is the star athlete of the team and will have no problem being scouted by college coaches across the nation. Even if this is true, it is this frame of mind that will eventually hurt the student-athlete and potentially place them way behind in their recruitment […]

Broken Recruiting: The True Cost of Playing Sports in College

The True Cost of Playing Sports in College If you have a child preparing for college it can be a scary reality check. Many parents are unprepared to help their children pay for college, making some scramble for last-minute options in the form of a college sports scholarship. Let’s be honest: it’s hard to get […]

Five Worst Cases of Parents Gone Wild

The Me Generation Is youth sports violence really growing at an alarming rate or are we just more aware of it because of the internet and other media outlets? It’s a tough question to answer and, really, it depends on who you ask. 5 Worst Cases of Sports Parents Gone Wild (5) September 2006, Stockton, […]

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