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Top 3 Things Parents Need To Do To Prepare For Recruiting

Great Expectationsparents role in recruiting

Help your child be prepared for their recruitment process. Recruiting should start around the student-athlete’s freshman year. If your child is serious about participating in college sports, then they’ll need to know what to expect for the next few years of high school. This will help them get ahead in the recruiting process.

Among the top items to consider when being successful in the recruiting process is staying organized, following-up with college coaches and meeting all academic and athletic requirements necessary to play at the college level. Long term planning should include club teams, recruiting services, and travel costs.

Club Teams

Club teams are a great way to get your child playing their sport year round. It’s also an added way to get your student-athlete more exposure to college coaches by heading to tournaments and showcases where college coaches gather.

On the other hand, club teams can be costly and sometimes you end up paying more than what the experience is worth, so approach the process with an abundance of caution and do your due diligence.

Make sure the club team is all that it says it will be. Check to see if past players have gone on to be successful in college programs; ask to see how the coach will help your child with their recruiting. Ask plenty of questions to make sure that the team that you and your child choose will be the best fit.

Recruiting Services

Other financial costs that may come into play during your student-athlete’s recruiting process is the need for recruiting services. Recruiting services are beneficial for student-athletes who need the extra push when it comes to getting their name out to college coaches, staying organized, and communicating through follow-up emails, phone calls and official/unofficial visits.

Recruiting services cannot do everything for your son or daughter when it comes to recruiting. Find out what your child is capable of when it comes to their recruiting; how much time can they honestly dedicate to sports recruitment? Make a game plan, weigh the options to see if your family would benefit from having a recruiting service assist your child with the process.

Travel Costs

Not only will parents have to consider team costs and recruiting services, but don’t forget the unofficial visits to college campuses. Taking time to meet with college coaches shows that your child is dedicated and takes initiative in their recruitment. Sure, these added expenses may add up–that’s why it’s important as a family to work together and determine the steps that you want to take to be successful in the recruiting process.
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