You’re a student-athlete. You love to compete and you’re looking forward to playing your sport in college. College gives you the chance to sharpen your skills in a variety of formats, from varsity teams to intramural leagues to club sports.

How much emphasis should you put on sports when you’re choosing the college(s) you’re interested in attending?

Sports should be just one of the aspects you consider when you’re choosing a college. You should also take into consideration:
Academics – does the school offer the academic program you’re looking for? After all, you’re going to college to further your education, so academics should come first.

Size – are you interested in attending a large university or a small liberal-arts college?

Affiliation – are you interested in attending a public, independent private, or a religiously-affiliated private college?

Community – are you an urban dweller thirsting to wake up in a city that never sleeps, or do you prefer small towns or rural settings where you can enjoy life at a slower pace?

Location – do you want to attend college within 50, 100, or 200 miles of your hometown – or do you want to attend college in a completely different part of the country?

Athletics – do you have the talent, time, energy and commitment necessary to play big-name varsity sports or would you rather play for the love of your sport in an intramural league?

These issues, and others, will help you decide which colleges you’re interested in attending. It’s a good idea to do your research. Take virtual campus tours, talk to your coaches, high school counselor, parents, and friends.

Once you’ve narrowed your choices to your favorite 4 – 6 colleges, schedule visits to the campus and meetings with admission representatives. If any of the colleges you’re considering are NCAA Division I, II or III schools, you should become familiar with the NCAA rules for official college visits.

Remember, the key to a successful future starts with education. It’s important to choose the school that best meets your needs.

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