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Top 3 Things Parents Need To Do To Prepare For Recruiting

Great Expectations Help your child be prepared for their recruitment process. Recruiting should start around the student-athlete’s freshman year. If your child is serious about participating in college sports, then they’ll need to know what to expect for the next few years of high school. This will help them get ahead in the recruiting process. […]

Breaking Down the Campus Visit: A Guide for Student-Athletes

Make-It-Or-Break-It Decisions  Visiting a campus can be a make-it or break-it point when trying to make a decision on a particular university. There are several ways to visit a campus: camps, unofficial visits and official visits. We will explore the importance of each and the different aspects of a visit that you should focus on. […]

3 Tools High School Athletes Can Use to Get to Know College Coaches

Getting to Know the Coach Just as important as liking the school you pick is liking and respecting the college coach you choose to compete for. Many student-athletes find themselves transferring, dropping out or quitting their sport while in college not because they no longer love the sport, but because they don’t want to work […]

12 Reasons Student-Athletes Should Visit A College Before Making A Decision

Visiting College Campus Students should take advantage of the opportunity to visit colleges or speak with visiting college representatives for the purpose of learning more about campus life. This will help the prospective student-athlete understand how to get into college and what to expect from campus life. These opportunities are wonderful starts to getting your child […]

How My Official Visits Helped Me Choose the College I Love

The Official Visit: Where the Real Decisions are Made I did a lot of legwork during my last two years as a high school swimmer. I went from thinking I couldn’t compete at the college level to receiving nine scholarship offers. What follows is a breakdown of my four official visits, what I thought before […]

Practical Tips For Unofficial Visits

The Unofficial Visit: Looking at a School on My Schedule, Under My Terms When I was a high school swimmer I took a couple of Unofficial visits with my mom when she had to travel for work. It was scary and intimidating to visit a university campus as a seventeen year old. I couldn’t imagine […]

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