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12 Reasons Student-Athletes Should Visit A College Before Making A Decision

visiting collegesVisiting College Campus

Students should take advantage of the opportunity to visit colleges or speak with visiting college representatives for the purpose of learning more about campus life. This will help the prospective student-athlete understand how to get into college and what to expect from campus life.

These opportunities are wonderful starts to getting your child prepared for college. Make sure that your child takes these school visits seriously–ask them questions about the college speaker or about the tour and what stood out to them. What did they like about the campus, what didn’t they like, and what do they hope to gain out of a college education.

College Visits for the Student-Athlete

College visits for student-athletes is much more than seeing the campus grounds, dorms and cafeteria. It is a time to meet with coaches and possible future teammates, ask lots of questions, see the training facility and maybe sit in on a practice or game.

It is never too early to begin taking your child to visit college campuses. The more exposure they get to campus life, the more comfortable they’ll be when it’s time to choose the right college.

If your child has the opportunity to visit colleges early they will be able to compare what they like on certain campuses and what they don’t like.

Life in the City

Maybe they will like the feel of an enormous campus in a big city, They may prefer the atmosphere of a small intimate campus located in a rural setting. In all cases, the more trips your child is able to take to campuses, the more they’ll be able to compare and find
out what suits them the best.

Other Ways to Get Familiar with College Campuses

Have your child take time to browse college websites, take virtual tours and check out the athletics page to find out as much as possible about the team they’re considering playing for. Make sure they read the coach’s bio and see how the team has been ranked the past few seasons.

Having your child attend camps at the colleges they’re interested in will also give them a leg-up. They’ll have a chance to meet and play in front of a college coaching staff.
Your child can also reach out to find alumni or current students in order to find out what drew them to a particular campus. Make sure that you let your child form their own opinion about each campus, since it will be their decision to make.

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