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11 Questions Parents Can Ask To Help Their Student-Athlete Pick The Right College

This checklist is designed specifically for parents of student-athletes. Many parents drive 5 hours one way for a weekend tournament or sit through an entire meet to see a few minutes of their child competing. For the parents who love watching their student-athlete compete and succeed here is a quick run-down of what your child […]

Graduation Rates For NCAA Athletes

How Are Athletes Doing in the Classroom? The Graduation Rates For NCAA Athletes infographic highlights some interesting points about how college student-athletes perform in the classroom. In some instances college athletes actually perform better than the student body in general; in others they lag far behind. Check it out and let us know what you […]

Helping Your Student-Athlete Choose the Right College (Part 2)

Academic Resources and the Student-Athlete If your child chooses to play sports in college it’s best to have them ask the college athletic department if they provide athletes with tutoring and/or academic advising. Do they assist with course scheduling and graduation planning each semester? Being a college athlete takes dedication, motivation and organization–it’s good to […]

How College Athletes are Viewed on Campus [infographic]

The infographic below provides insights into the student-athlete college experience.  While the vast majority of college athletes will have a relatively normal time in the classroom, the study this infographic is based on does offer some interesting and surprising results. If you have questions or comments about how athletes are viewed on campus you can use […]

Why Your GPA Matters in More Ways Than You Think (Part 2)

(Part Two in a two-part series) Shoot for the Stars I can’t tell you what a good GPA is–this varies depending which coach and school you are talking to. What I can tell you is that if you strive for C’s–that 2.0 mark–you are not helping yourself in any way, shape or form. As noted […]

Why Your GPA Matters in More Ways Than You Think (Part 1)

(Part 1 in a two-part series) Broken Recruiting: Your GPA Matters in More Ways Than You Think When approaching this subject I always enjoy asking one question first: What does the term GPA mean to you? More importantly, what is the first thing that comes to mind when GPA is mentioned? It’s a simple answer […]

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