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Your Top 3 Priorities With College Recruiting

Understanding the elements that go into being a successful recruit will set you on the right path early and keep you ahead of the game. It’s important for recruits not to lose focus of the end goal and to concentrate on understanding the core recruiting items, which will make the recruiting process, proceed smoothly once […]

College Recruiting Mistakes #1: NCAA Core Courses

Sometimes the best way to learn about mistakes you could be making in your own recruiting is by realizing the mistakes of others. I know from personal experience I learned more from my time as a recruit than I ever will from reading a book or blog, listening to stories or speeches, etc. It takes […]

What a College Coach Needs to Know About You

We all know that the secret of recruiting is being proactive and letting the coaches know about yourself….but when you are making that initial contact what should you tell them? Think about it like a job interview, you are applying for a “job” on their team. You have to be clear with your talents, the […]

New Eligibility Requirements May Be Here Sooner Than You Think

Are you Taking Your Academics Seriously? High school student athletes get a taste of what it’s like to have to balance school, sports and a social life. High schools have academic requirements that student-athletes are expected to meet in order to compete. Don’t Take Your Academics for Granted High School athletes who use this “just […]

Do Athletes Really Perform Better In The Classroom During Their Season?

How Important is Structure? Conventional wisdom in high school and college athletics is that athletes perform better in the classroom during their season. But is it true? The argument goes something like this: The season offers more structure in the academic lives of student-athletes which leads to better academic performance. It makes sense. Grades Go […]

You’re Probably Going Pro In Something Other Than Sports

The Hard Truth As a potential college recruit embarking on your initial college search you have many items to think about. Initially, none are more important than which schools will allow you to excel educationally. It’s likely we’ve all seen or heard the NCAA commercial stating, “There are over 400,000 NCAA student-athletes and just about […]

Can Sports Recruiting Help Lower The High School Dropout Rate?

Remember When Recess was the Best Part of the Day? Take a moment and look back to your days as an elementary school student. If you are the athletic type there’s a good chance the time that meant the most to you was recess, a break when you could go outside and run and play […]

Brains vs. Wins Infographic

Do Brains Equal Wins? This Brains vs. Wins infographic from is instructive, but should also be taken with a grain of salt since these scores can evolve over a period of years. Still, if you are an academic star in addition to being a pretty good football player this can serve as a useful guide […]

Why Recruiting Should Only Be Part Of Your Life

Where Does Recruiting Fit In? If you’ve decided that you’re interested in playing a sport in college then recruiting needs to be one of your priorities, but we are talking top 5, not your number 1 priority. Student-athletes should think of recruiting as something that is always with them; it helps motivate them and guide […]

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