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Use These ACT Test Tips to Boost Your Recruiting Profile

Many of you might be heading to the take the ACT tomorrow (December 8th), which means you need to be as prepared as possible. You should have spent the last couple of months studying, taking practice tests, and getting all the help you can to do well on the ACT test. And of course, you understand why this test is so important; it is one of the big requirements that determine which colleges will accept you.

For student-athletes looking to get recruited, the ACT test also appeals to their recruiting profile. College coaches recruit athletes who score well in the classroom and on the SAT/ACT. So not only do good ACT scores help you gain admittance to college, it also makes you more attractive to potential college coaches AND can help you earn more scholarship money.

ACT Test Tips for Recruits: ACT vs. SAT

Colleges accept both the ACT and SAT for their admissions, so high school students have a choice to make. Should you take the ACT or SAT? These tests are different in a number of ways, and knowing how they are different could help you choose the best one for you. For example, the ACT test questions tend to be more straightforward than SAT test questions. So if you tend to struggle struggle when taking a test, having clearer questions could help boost your scores.

Here are some other key differences in the ACT and SAT tests:

  • Scores: ACT scores are a composite score of all the sections, and is the main score seen by college admissions. So, if you end up with a weak score in one section, but do well in the other sections, you could still end up with a strong composite score. In the SAT, each section score is seen by the college advisors and each section can determine if you get into the school.
  • Math, Writing, and Science Sections: The ACT test will have more advanced math questions than the SAT, but since the questions are more clear and straightforward, you could still do alright if math isn’t your strong suit. The writing section of the ACT is optional, but many schools require it, so be prepared to take it. The ACT also has a science section while the SAT doesn’t, so if science is one of your strengths, you can use the ACT to boost your scores.
  • Format: The ACT’s sections aren’t broken up as much as the SAT. During the ACT you will complete each subject area in one chunk. On the SAT, you move back forth between the different subjects as each section is completed. You need to determine if bouncing around will break your concentration or if you’d rather complete each subject at once.

Knowing this extra information can help you determine which test might earn you better scores. Remember, nothing can replace studying, preparation, and practice before a big test. Find resources for extra ACT test tips online or at your high school.

More ACT Test Tips: Send Your Scores!

While you are at the test, you will have an opportunity to have your scores sent to various institutions that require them, including codes necessary to have your scores sent to either the NCAA or NAIA: NCAA- 9999, NAIA-9876. This ensures a quicker send out of your scores without the extra charge for requesting them later.

If you have any more questions about more ACT test tips or your recruiting process, then leave your comment below and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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