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Grades Matter Now More Than Ever for Athletes

We know most high school freshman are not completely aware of what it takes to make it

at the college level. We understand most have not even heard of the NCAA Eligibility Center (formerly the  NCAA Clearinghouse), or why they need to be concerned about it. As unfortunate as this is, there needs to be a point where student-athletes take their academics seriously so they will meet all of the eligibility requirements.

It is up to high school athletes to make sure they will be ready and prepared for academic eligibility along with taking the right set of courses to get them through the eligibility process. NCAA rules want to make sure student-athletes are on the right academic path.

Getting your courses in order

Make sure you know what the core course requirements are, beginning your freshman year. This will help you get on track to meeting eligibility requirements. The NCAA is tough when it comes to becoming eligible; the system wants to ensure incoming athletes are equipped with the right tools to succeed at the college level.

High school freshman listen up

Meeting with an academic adviser or guidance counselor during your freshman year is a must. They need to know your goals so they can help plan out future required courses. If you are behind, then meeting with your adviser as soon as possible will help you get on track. Remember the NCAA only counts your GPA for acceptable core courses.

The academic requirements are just getting stricter

The academic eligibility requirements, set in place by the NCAA are not going to get easier. If anything, the NCAA and college institutions will continue to increase the academic eligibility requirements to ensure all athletes are equipped to take on a full-time college course load. The NCAA, colleges, and coaching staffs want athletes that are as prepared as possible going into college to have better success rates for staying in college and earning a degree.

If you need more reasons to prepare early then check out these haunting stats the NCAA published showing how the new academic requirements will affect new recruits:

  • 15.3 percent of student athletes who enrolled in 2009-10 would not meet the 2016 academic standards.
  • 35.2 percent of football players who enrolled in 2009-10 would not meet the 2016 standards.
  • 43.1 percent of men’s basketball players who enrolled in 2009-10 would not meet the 2016 standards.

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