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NCAA Test Scores can Boost Your Recruitment

Meeting NCAA test scores

College coaches are on the hunt for athletes with the drive to be the best in their sport and who also want to earn a college degree. In order to make it at the college level you need to be prepared for all the academic and NCAA test requirements.  This will not only ensure your acceptance through the NCAA eligibility center it will also prove to NCAA college coaches that you are prepared for college life.

GPA and NCAA test scores

The NCAA has strict guidelines on academic requirements. As the governing body of over 1100 colleges’ athletic programs, it is the job of the NCAA to make sure all student-athletes meet the SAT and ACT testing requirements.

Meeting NCAA test score requirements

As you should know your GPA and SAT/ ACT scores need to match up with the NCAA sliding scale standards. If you are not sure where you stand with your GPA and test scores then check out the NCAA sliding scale here.

Why meeting NCAA test score requirements will get you recruited

Student-athletes who have it all, great on court skills and above average GPA’s will be highly considered by college coaches and recruiters.  All college coaches are looking for players with an overall balance between their sport and their grades. Students meeting and exceeding the NCAA requirements have an added advantage over what other student-athletes are lacking.

Every coach wants to recruit the top players, but they are also looking out for the best interest of their team. Coaches are not going to want to heavily recruit a player who is questionable about meeting academic requirements.  They want players who will be solid student-athletes and who will be able to compete on their team more than one season.

Not meeting NCAA tests requirements

If you feel meeting NCAA academic requirements will be a challenge, than schedule a meeting with a school counselor and your current teachers to devise a plan to get you on track and organized for college entrance exams.

Know what is academically expected of you during high school

Recruits who take on the task of meeting with Counselors and Athletic Directors early in high school to discuss future college opportunities will be able to understand what will be expected of them academically. Once you know what to expect you will be ready for your college recruitment.

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