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Key to Recruiting: Understanding the NCAA Core Course

NCAA Core CoursesIt’s important to know what you are getting yourself into before jumping head first into something as big and at times complicated as the recruiting process. That is why we are here, to help guide the way.

One of the most frequent questions we ask potential recruits is “what division level do you think you are best suited to play in?” an extremely important recruiting question that will set forth the recruits path. The responses we receive are commonly vague being; “I can play in any division level” or “I want to play in the best division.” From here we educate recruits there are different levels and different academic requirements for each of these levels.

Why knowing your division level is beneficial for you

Having a grasp on which division level you are cut out for will help you perform your best athletically. It will also allow you to set your academic standards high in order to meet the eligibility standards for that division.

What you need to know about NCAA division I and division II programs:
The NCAA requires student-athletes who wish to compete at these levels to register with the NCAA eligibility clearinghouse or what is now known as the NCAA eligibility center. This is a way for the governing body of college athletics to ensure fair play between all colleges teams affiliated with the NCAA.

What is required of recruits in order to become eligible?

Recruits need to know that NCAA looks at athletes’ high school transcripts and calculates their GPA according to what they call “core courses.” A student may have a high school GPA of 3.5, but only enrolled in so called “easy” classes that are not recognized in the NCAA core course calculation. NCAA wants to make sure that student-athletes are equipped for college, hence the word STUDENT-athlete.

How to make sure you are on the right core course track

Core courses as listed on the NCAA eligibility center can be unclear to students that have different titles and class names. We encourage recruits to meet with a guidance counselor early preferably during their freshman year in order to go over what is required academically to participate at DI or DII levels.

Knowing what is required of you as a student-athlete early will guarantee success

Understanding NCAA core courses will make your life a lot easier when you are ready to start reaching out and contacting college coaches. You will be able to tell these coaches you are on track to meet all of NCAA eligibility requirements and that you will be taking the SAT or ACT tests which will make your academic eligibility locked and ready once your IRL is requested by a college coach. Coaches will be pleased that a recruit has done their homework and is eager to learn more about their team and possible future opportunities.

If you have more questions about meeting eligibility we would love to help you just leave a comment below or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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