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NCAA Academic Requirements Infographic

Will You Be Eligible?

Talk about one-stop shopping. Our latest and–dare we say–greatest infographic outlines the NCAA Academic Requirements. Who needs to visit the NCAA Eligibility Center when this infographic can help you understand virtually all NCAA Clearinghouse issues?

Let’s Review

If you’ve made it this far you are no doubt an expert on all NCAA Eligibility Center issues. You now have a deep knowledge of the NCAA Clearinghouse, including fees, required tests and core course requirements. Just in case you need to review some of these NCAA Eligibility Center facts we’ll walk you through it here.

Not only do you need to graduate from high school with the required grades and test scores, you need to be taking the right core courses. The classes you need and the sliding scale for grades and test scores are provided above.

Control Your Own Destiny

High school student-athletes need to be aware of all the requirements necessary to compete in intercollegiate athletics. It takes planning and, unless you want to spend a lot of time on the phone with the NCAA Eligibility Center, studying this handy infographic should do the trick.

Another area of emphasis for us here at collegesportsscholarships.com is educating high school athletes and their parents about the different division levels in the NCAA. Academic requirements are not universal across the division levels. For instance, Division 1 requires a minimum GPA in 16 approved core courses while Division 2 requires just 14 approved core courses.

What Does it All Mean?

The infographic is a great visual representation of the facts college-bound athletes need to understand. It’s not enough to run fast, score touchdowns, or make baskets. The sooner student-athletes and their parents understand and accept this fact, the easier it is to prepare and be ready for the next step.

When you can only compete for four years at the college level, being ineligible for even one year can sting. Get a jump on the competition and take care of your business!

Fantasy and E-sports could land you a sports scholarship.

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