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Never Rule Out Becoming A Walk-On

Have You thought About Walking on? Click here to learn how to become a walk-on. Did you know that it’s more likely you won’t play in college than you will? If you do, did you know that colleges have far more positions available on a squad than they have scholarships for each year? Did you […]

What Makes A Student-Athlete Athletically Ineligible With The NCAA?

Keeping Your Amateur Status When trying to figure out what you need to do to be eligible to play for a D1 or D2 school you need to take a lot of your past and present into consideration. Of course you have academics and your grades but another thing that you need to be aware […]

NCAA Academic Requirements Infographic

Will You Be Eligible? Talk about one-stop shopping. Our latest and–dare we say–greatest infographic outlines the NCAA Academic Requirements. Who needs to visit the NCAA Eligibility Center when this infographic can help you understand virtually all NCAA Clearinghouse issues? Let’s Review If you’ve made it this far you are no doubt an expert on all NCAA […]

Quick Tips For Getting Started In Your Recruiting Process

You Have to Start Somewhere Thinking about playing sports in college? If you love playing and think you have what it takes to play at the college level then here are quick tips for getting started in your recruiting process. Know the Level of Competition That is the Best Fit The NCAA is the organization […]

Pay Attention To NCAA Rules And Regulations Or Suffer The Consequences

NCAA Rules and Regulations High school student-athletes planning to enter an NCAA college or university must be aware of NCAA recruiting rules. The NCAA is divided into three separate divisions, and each division has its own set of eligibility rules. Once high school student-athletes are clear on what division they want to compete in, reading […]

Why High School Athletes Need To Understand NCAA Eligibility Rules

Make a Plan But Stay Flexible For most top high school athletes their aim is to compete at the NCAA Division I level. Top players aim high, as they should if they have the skills and the drive to continue playing at top levels. Student-athletes who choose the college route might have dreams of making […]

A Parent’s Guide to Eligibility Requirements for the College-Bound Athlete

A Parent’s Guide to College Tests To be eligible to play at the NCAA or NAIA collegiate level of sports your student-athlete will have to have more than athletic skills. Student-athletes will have to meet all academic requirements that each athletic governing body has set forth for all incoming college athletes. Getting Started Get familiar […]

Recruiting Myth #1: Grades Don’t Matter

Grades Do Matter Myth: The coach can get me into a school if my grades are bad. Like every myth there is a seed of reality to this one. Coaches can help athletes who might not have gotten into the University if they had applied on their own, but the athlete still needs to qualify […]

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