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Getting Recruited to a Top College Program

You’ve all seen it, top college bound recruits being fussed over by college coaches, sports writers, college analysts and even college sports fans. As a mid-level recruit you may feel too intimated by all the attention and not feel you have what it takes to make it at a top college, therefore you leave your playing days behind you as soon as you graduate high school.

The recruiting process has turned into a nationwide craze involving fans, writers and players, which seem to get wilder and wilder each year. There are some recruits who love the attention and see no issues when it comes to playing into the media’s shenanigans. These recruits do whatever they can to stay in the public eye.

Who wouldn’t love this type of attention? What athlete doesn’t want to have the attention of top college coaches and have coaches answer each call and text they send out? Even though you may not be receiving this type of attention, you need to still put yourself out there to talk with college coaches and recruiters.

Don’t make the recruiting process a thorn in your side because you are not a top prospect, instead take it as a challenge and do what you need to do to get on college coaches radar. Not all college teams are full of elite players; if you take the right path for your recruitment you too could land on a top college team. You just have to be patient and ready to work 110% harder than top recruits.

Get going now! Here’s 5 quick ways to jump start your recruitment to a top college program:

  • Get your academics in order. Make sure you meet the NCAA eligibility center academic requirements.
  • Learn all you can about the college coaches and the team. Look up the teams records and find out who the key players are.
  • Begin working on your video highlights your freshman year.
  • Be able to tell the coach why you want to be a part of his program and college without hesitation. Tell them what you want to major in and what your college-bound goals are.
  • Make unofficial visits to meet with the coaches and tour the campus. Taking time to meet with coaches on your own dime means a lot to coaches and tells them you are a serious recruit.

Meeting and talking with college coaches should never just be about a scholarship. Make sure you have your priorities straight, be ready to talk about more than just your sport because academics are just as important.

Getting the attention of college coaches is not easy, if you need more assistance then leave your comment below and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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