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College Recruiting in the New Year

New Year’s Resolution in Recruiting

Like all New Year’s resolutions, you need to be committed to meeting your set goals and aspirations. In any case, your New Year’s goals will take plenty of time to achieve just like your college recruitment. If you are ready to make your resolutions match your recruitment goals then this blog will help you kick-start your 2013 recruitment.

Recruitment and the New Year

The New Year is the perfect time to be wrapping up your recruitment if you are a SENIOR, get organized and create your sports resume and video if you are a JUNIOR, and decide your plan of recruitment if you are a SOPHOMORE or FRESHMAN in high school.

No matter your year in high school you need to always be working on your game skills and grades along with your recruitment. Below you will find New Year’s tips on making sure you’ll be successful during 2013.


This year is your time to prepare to sign an NLI with a college you’ve been in contact with. If you have NOT been in communication with coaches, now is a time you can work extra hard to get your name out there and to see if there are any spots still available regardless of an athletic scholarship option.

Signing day is just around the corner, so unless you have already committed to a college you may need to start thinking about other options. Student-athletes who still want to be a part of a team, but are too late to earn a scholarship should consider walking- on. Start asking college coaches about walk-on opportunities as you continue to reach out and learn about their 2013 team.


Starting off the year you should be spending time reaching out and contacting college coaches. This is the time in your recruitment when you will need to put the most time and effort into finding the best college opportunities. This year you will be extremely busy with researching programs and contacting college coaches. You need to be updating coaches with all your progress, both on the field and in the classroom the remaining part of this school year.  Remember, some coaches are restricted to talking with juniors until the summer, so do not get frustrated if you have a lot of one-sided conversations from now until the contact period.


Now that you have a year and a half of high school competition under your belt, you can be concentrating your efforts on learning about the different college division levels and reality checking the type of student-athlete you really are. Not all players are equipped for NCAA division I competition; be open to exploring other division levels and the opportunities those colleges have for student-athletes.


Now that you are in high school and half-way through with the school year, you should begin to think about your future plans. Starting to understand how the recruitment process works, as a freshman is one of the best strategies you will gain as you continue through the process during high school. If you are ready to see what it will take to earn a scholarship, click here.

Recruiting Tips You Can Take With You All Year Long

Now that you are equipped with recruiting tips and advice to get you started in the right direction for the New Year you will be off to a strong start to meeting your resolutions.

If you have any other questions about what you should be doing at this point in your recruitment then leave a comment below for a quick response or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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