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Walking-on Could be Your Path to a Scholarship

Recruits need to know what it really takes to compete at the college level. There are hundreds of thousands high school athletes out there, and most are hoping for a chance to get noticed; but when scouts don’t find them, then they need to realize it’s time for a different recruitment approach.

If you think you have what it takes as a high school athlete to make it at the college level, you might be in for a rude awakening when you don’t receive the offers you had hoped for. Getting recruited is much easier said than done. As a recruit, it’s up to you to make contact with college coaches, find out which tournaments and showcases to be at, and also to send out your sports resume. When all of this fails to get you noticed there is always another route you can take.

Try walking-on

Why not give it a try? Most colleges hold walk-on try-outs for non-scholarship athletes. Walk-on athletes may not have the scholarship they always thought they would have coming out of high school, but it should not distract you from playing, especially if you choose to continue playing for the love of the game. If you choose to be a walk-on athlete you still have to get in contact with college coaches to learn if and when try-outs will be held. Walk-ons will have specific days where they can showcase their talent to coaches and if you miss the opportunity you will have to wait until next year to try-out again.

What one walk-on athlete was able to achieve through four years of dedication and hard work.

If you have not seen this moving video clip of football player, Marc Panu being awarded a full football scholarship than you need to take a look at it now. Panu, a fourth year fullback for the Vanderbilt Commodores was given something that he greatly deserves. Panu’s handwork and dedication is what athletes should look at when they are not sure how they are going to balance college life and college athletics.

What we can all learn from Marc Panu, a College Walk-on

Panu shows players everywhere, that there is always a chance, and the college football recruiting process is never done.  He is a great example of a role-model other athletes can look to when they are unsure if they want to pursue a career in college sports. Make sure you are ready to give it your all when it comes to getting recruited. If you are able to stick with the challenge of being a walk-on athlete and put all your effort on the field, then coaches will take notice.

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