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How High School Track and Field Affects your College Recruitment

What you need to know about college track and field

There’s a lot of athletic competition out there so if you want to compete at the college level you need to know everything there is about the recruiting process.

Whether you are a first year high school student or a senior this year you need to take all aspects of college recruitment seriously. Make it a point to reach out to college coaches as soon as you realize you want to compete at the college level.  College coaches need to know about your college interests, sooner rather than later.

College track and field

This is the time of year when college track and field is heading into full swing for indoor competitions. If you think the best thing for you to do in your recruitment is to slow down or stop due to the start of college track and field season then you need to continue reading.

During every high school season, you need to find a way to work on your college recruitment. The more you have reached out to college coaches and have an understanding of their college track and field programs the better prepared you will be your senior year of high school.

What College track and field coaches are going to want to know from you

Track and field coaches want to know all about your progress throughout high school. Start contacting them during your sophomore and junior years. Coaches want to be able to see improvements in your times and scores and any awards you have earned along the way. Don’t forget to tell them about your club level competitions too.

During your high school track and field season you should continue to keep college coaches updated. Top programs are extremely competitive so make a point to visit the team website and review the type of athletes the college typically recruits. It’s important to have a list for a wide variety of colleges. Before contacting coaching staff, check to see if you are qualified to attend the college and make the team. Coaches are not going to be impressed with a recruit who doesn’t have the times, scores or grades to be a part of their program.

As an athlete it will be up to you to determine if you have what it takes to compete at the college level.

College coaches will also be looking for athletes who have good-excellent grades and test scores. Top NCAA colleges have strict academic and athletic requirements that they must follow. If you feel you have what it takes to be a top student-athlete then you should pursue your goal. Also know that every free second you get, you should dedicate to working on your college recruitment.

How high school track and field athletes get recruited

  • Be sure to have an understanding of what it will take to get recruited and how to get in contact with college coaches.
  • Your number one priority needs to be finding the right college and getting your information out to college coaches. College coaches need to know who you are before they will be able to recruit you.
  • For every athletic or academic milestone you make, be sure to send a quick update to college coaches you have been in contact with. By the time these coaches are able to contact you they will have a better sense of the type of athlete you are and the dedication you have to becoming part of their team.

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