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Are You Struggling To Gain Exposure To College Coaches?

Are You Part of the 99%? While some athletes don’t struggle with gaining exposure to college coaches, the numbers tell us that most will. The percentage is about 1% vs. 99%. For those falling into the latter 99%, a lot of work has to be done to become a legitimate college prospect. Although there isn’t […]

When Should You Begin To Contact College Coaches?

Communicate with Coaches Contacting college coaches is the most essential part of the recruiting process. In order to get recruited you will have to let coaches know that you’re interested in their program. The easiest way to do this is to reach out and let them know who you are. Do Your Research Student-athletes who […]

Six Steps You Can Take Right Now That Will Help You Earn A Tennis Scholarship

Am I Really Being Recruited? What happens if you’ve gone all through high school, but have not heard anything from college coaches or recruiters? Just because you are getting form mailers and letters of interest does not mean that coaches are ready for you to be offered a tennis scholarship, nor does it mean they […]

Being A College Swimmer: A Guided Tour

What Are College Coaches Looking for in a Swimmer? As a competitive swimmer you fall into a weird grey area category of an individual sport with a team feel. On the surface you know that how you do affects you. If you have a bad swim in a meet or you don’t meet that time […]

What Happens If I Do Everything Right And Still Don’t Get Recruited?

The Jeremy Lin Story Let’s say you’ve done everything right during the recruiting process: started early, went to camps, excelled on the field and in the classroom, made a great highlight tape, and even became an expert at communicating with coaches by phone and through email. And still nobody wants you? What next? Does this […]

The Big Question: How Do I Contact College Coaches?

Don’t Be Late Of all the recruiting questions we receive, the most common deal with contacting college coaches. This is a major dilemma for senior high school athletes, many of whom come to realize this too late in the recruiting process. You Can Initiate Contact with a Coach Many athletes already in their senior year […]

How to find the contact information for college coaches

  Getting Contact Information In this video we show the process and some of the necessary steps you can use when trying to locate the contact information for college coaches around the country. It’s important to understand that for some colleges this contact information is more readily available than for others. There is the possibility that you […]

Why You Shouldn’t Believe You’re So Good College Coaches Will Just Find You

An Athlete Reality Check Athletes are an interesting breed, wired slightly different than non-athletes. We are naturally competitive and usually ego driven, which makes sense in many cases. Sometimes to beat the best you have to believe you are better than the best whether that is truly the case or not. Unfortunately during the college […]

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