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5 Tips For Contacting Coaches That Will Help You Get An Athletic Scholarship

Being Proactive Has Limits

Yes, you need to be VERY proactive in the recruiting process, but if you are a pest that can also get you kicked off recruiting boards. Coaches are very busy, especially during their season so it is important to contact coaches only when you have something useful or new to tell them.

Do It Their Way

After you make initial contact with the coach ask them what method they prefer. Every coach is going to have their preference so make sure you keep track of this in your notes . Whether it is phone, email or another method you will be informative and less taxing if you are communicating in the avenue that they prefer.

Update on the Big Stuff

A coach is going to be most interested in your athletics and academics so there is no need to let them know about things they don’t care about. If you take your SAT or ACT and have a great test score go ahead and let them know. If your team wins the championship or you get a PR you should let them know.

Use the Quarter System

A good tactic to use with coaches who’ve shown interest in you is to update them with quarterly newsletters. This means 4 times a year, whether it’s by phone or email, make contact and let them know what you have been up to.

Update them on your GPA, scheduled tests, and any honors/AP classes you may be taking. You will also want to let them know how your season is going both for your high school and your club. Let them know about any big meets, games or tournaments, any new personal bests, and if you are planning to go to any showcases or camps they may be attending.

Take a Balanced Approach

There is a general balance between being proactive and being a nag. A coach who has to “deal with you” as a recruit will opt to not have to “deal with you” when you are a part of the team. Make initial contact, follow up and update…this will keep you in the recruiting game. There are so many factors that can take you off the recruiting boards–don’t let over eagerness be one of them.

If you have questions or comments about how and when to contact coaches please use the comments section below or you can connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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