Blog Topic: Contacting College Coaches

Why Contacting The Coach Before You Attend His Camp Is So Important

Stand Up and Be Noticed Many athletes and their families make the mistake of going to showcases and combines knowing that there will be college scouts there and thinking they will simply get noticed if they play well. Sometimes this happens but more often than not the athlete gets overlooked. Get on the List Showcases […]

5 Things You Can Do Over the Summer to Help Earn an Athletic Scholarship

Summer: An Important Time For High School Athletes When we hear summer vacation our minds quickly slip to thoughts of beaches and barbecues. As a high school athlete seeking a scholarship, summer can be the most important time of the year for you. What can you do to increase your chances of getting a scholarship? […]

When Should I Start My Recruiting?

Is It Ever Too Early Can recruiting start too early? Not if you are in high school. Should coaches be trolling the little league fields looking for their next starting pitcher? Probably not. Just in the last year one prominent football school made headlines when it got a verbal commit from a seventh grade quarterback. […]

Are You Doing Everything You Can In Your Recruiting?

Ask Those Around You for Help It is likely–as you go through the college recruiting process–that you are surrounded by a group of people who care about you and want to help you achieve your dreams. This support group could include your parents, grandparents, guardians, pastor, teachers, guidance counselors or coaching staffs. It is important […]

Expert Interview: Understanding Your Recruiting Calendar

Understanding Your Recruiting Calendar Joshua Zimmerman spends his days advising families about college recruiting. “There is a lot of confusion about what it takes to be recruited,” he said. “The athlete has to put in some real work, especially in learning when the whole recruiting process starts.” According to Zimmerman, you must learn to understand […]

My Recruiting Story: The Journey of a Swimmer

Sink or Swim If I had a chance to do my college swimming career again, I would contact lots of coaches–you never know where the right balance of academics, athletics and geography will be unless you turn over every stone.  You can always say ‘no’ to a school or coach, but it’s nice to have […]

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