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Why Contacting The Coach Before You Attend His Camp Is So Important

Stand Up and Be Noticed

Many athletes and their families make the mistake of going to showcases and combines knowing that there will be college scouts there and thinking they will simply get noticed if they play well. Sometimes this happens but more often than not the athlete gets overlooked.

Get on the List

Showcases and combines are amazing ways to demonstrate to college coaches your skills and abilities–but they can only watch you if they know you are going to be there.

When scouts and college coaches go to these events they go to check out specific athletes they are already aware of. They have a list of names and a schedule of events so it is important to be on that list.

There are several steps you’ll want to take to ensure that you are getting noticed and your time and money is not being spent in vain while at these events.

Research Who is Going to Be There

A lot of the time you can get a list of the scouts and colleges that will be at certain events. Take this list and research the schools, find out which of these schools you’re interested in, then write or call the coach to introduce yourself to them.

Let them know about your talents and that you will be at the event and you would like them to check you out. Make sure to give them a schedule of the times you will be competing so they can fit one of your performances into their schedule.

Tell Them Where You’re Going to Be

If you’ve sent your resume or made contact with coaches you will want to provide them with an update on the games, meets, tournaments, camps, combines and showcases you will be attending. Not only does this allow coaches to schedule a time to come see you in action, but it also allows you to keep in constant communication with a coach while they can see you compete.

Let Coaches Know You’re Interested in Their Programs

A lot of the time these combines, camps and showcases are held on a college campus. If you’re interested in going to that particular school let the coach know beforehand so they can keep an eye out for you.

Depending what year you are in high school the coach may not necessarily talk to you or pay you any special attention, but they will be watching you. Seeing a recruit in person is much more valuable to a coach than a good resume or highlight tape. They can get a sense of your style, abilities and character much easier while watching you.

Be Sure to Update Coaches

If you did well at the event make sure you update coaches and scouts after the fact. If they were not able to see you compete they will appreciate the update on how you did.
This is also a great way for them to get a certified stat on you. Coaches are much more comfortable taking stats on a recruit that can be confirmed by a third party so use the combine or showcase as a third party.

If you invest the time going to these events make sure you are going to the most out of them. You can’t expect to be seen if you don’t tell them you’re there. Always be proactive in your recruiting to ensure the greatest success.

If you have any questions or comments about contacting coaches please use the comments section below or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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