How does a coach make a decision to put you in the team? They get heaps of letters and resumes, what tips the balance in your favor.

Some coaches see hundreds of letters of introduction each season. The first thing you need to do is make follow-up phone calls several weeks after you send out your letters of introduction. Let them know that you are checking to make sure that they received your materials. Ask if they have any questions about you. Be prepared to talk about your accomplishments. Coaches are busy people, but they want to hear from prospective candidates. Talking with you makes their decision-making much easier.

As the season moves along, make sure that you regularly keep the coaches of prospective colleges updated on your athletic accomplishments. They will want to know of your progress: outstanding wins, awards, records broken, promotion to team captain.

Make sure they know that you’re still out there giving it your best. Be persistent. Those little phone calls will guarantee that you aren’t forgotten.
College coaches appreciate the opportunity to talk one on one with the person who has personally witnessed your performance and abilities. Write a letter to your high school coach asking him or her to call some of the college coaches. Make sure you provide him or her with the correct contact information.

Another way that college coaches get to know student-athletes is to watch them in person. And they won’t usually announce their presence. Don’t blow this opportunity-make sure that you play in top form and display impeccable sportsmanship at all times.

Make sure that your exposure to these clandestine scouting missions is as great as possible. College coaches don’t have unlimited time and resources. They will most often attend top-notch games that are showcasing the best student-athletes around. Become as high profile as you can get.


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