Blog Topic: Contacting College Coaches

Recruiting Questionnaires: Don’t Throw Them Away!

Once you enter your first year of high school, college coaches are allowed to send you material about their school and sports program. While they may not be able to speak with you just yet, receiving information in the mail is just the first step in the recruiting process. But it is a step that […]

These Simple Tips Will Help You Find the Best College to Play For

It’s worth it to get your information out to as many college coaches as possible, because you will increase your chances of getting recruited and more coaches will know who you are. It sounds like a win-win right? Not exactly. Coaches who see you have potential will show interest, so make sure you know what […]

The Right & Wrong Way to Email College Coaches

You’ve all heard by now that the best way to get your recruiting process started is to reach out to college coaches. By getting in contact with college coaches first, you aren’t waiting around for them to contact you, which is unlikely to happen in the first place. You are taking control of your recruiting and you […]

You Should Not Say This to Coaches

What recruits need to know before making that first call to college coaches Recruits have so much to consider once they are ready to give it their all in the recruiting process. We see this a lot; once we tell recruits the secrets to getting an athletic scholarship, they waste no time in locating college […]

Three Steps to Kick-start Your Recruiting and Make it Better

Taking the next step in recruiting is just as challenging as making the decision to play sports in college. If you have the drive to continue competing at a higher level, then you must prepare to follow through with necessary steps it takes to find a scholarship. Choosing the right college Having hundreds of colleges […]

Coaches and Scouts Will Not Come Find You

Have you ever noticed that college coaches aren’t lined up behind one another at local high school games? Why is that? Isn’t that how they recruit athletes? The simple answer is no, that’s not how college coaches recruit high school athletes. College coaches don’t have the time or resources to visit high school after high […]

Use a Great Cover Letter to Get Recruited

The most important part about communicating with college coaches is providing them with information they will be interested in. You do not want to bore coaches with meaningless lines of communication and you do not want to bug them. You want to WOW them, right? Do this by providing them with valuable information about yourself […]

It is Not Over Yet: Try Walking On

Many student-athletes choose to walk-on to college programs initially, which gives them an opportunity to play at the college level and perhaps earn a scholarship later on in their career. We understand how fast high school happens, and how most student-athletes are not always fully prepared to meet the demands necessary for them to get recruited. […]

3 Recruiting Goals You Should Set This Summer

Summer is officially here and all you want to do is relax. You should definitely take some time to wind down from the school year, but don’t let the time get away from you! Summer is a great time to get ahead in your recruiting. You can update your resume, talk to coaches, and visit […]

What If You Do Not Hear Back From Coaches?

Think of your recruitment as a job. You need to work hard, stay organized, and do it every day. Recruiting can and will be frustrating at times. If you do all you can for your recruitment, you will be able to learn from your experience and find the perfect college to fit all of your […]

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