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These Simple Tips Will Help You Find the Best College to Play For

It’s worth it to get your information out to as many college coaches as possible, because you will increase your chances of getting recruited and more coaches will know who you are. It sounds like a win-win right? Not exactly. Coaches who see you have potential will show interest, so make sure you know what you are getting into before you make initial contact with them. They don’t want to waste their time with recruits who would not want to attend their college.

As wonderful as it is to talk with a coach and get recruited for college sports, you will need to know what you are up against. There is so much more to getting recruited than sending an email or calling up a coach. You need to think about the BIG picture when it comes to your recruitment.

Here is a listing of other factors you need consider as you reach out and learn more about college coaches and teams:

Don’t make contact with college coaches who are a part of a college, state, or city you have no interest in attending

Why would you waste your time and a coach’s time inquiring about athletic opportunities, if the college is not where you would be happy even if you did get a scholarship? College coaches take their job seriously, you need to take your recruitment just as seriously, and you must only concentrate on colleges you can see yourself attending.

Do extra work and check out the team roster each season

Scope out the number of seniors currently on the team. Find out how many will graduate when you plan to enroll in college. You can easily see what the coach is looking for by taking a peek at the team roster. Check to see if the team need a specific position player, or if they are looking for other specialized players. This will give you a good sense of why coaches may not respond to your emails.

Meet requirements to attend each college you contact

All college division levels, especially NCAA division I, have strict academic requirements, which student-athletes must meet before become eligible to compete. Academic eligibility cannot be compromised, make sure your classes, grades and test scores are squared away before you begin to reach out to college programs. If you plan on becoming a serious contender for a scholarship then you need to take your academics seriously.

Have an understanding of college costs

Be aware of all college costs. Public and private schools have many different costs per year; be prepared to factor in more than just tuition. You need to think about in-state and out of state costs, along with the amount of financial aid you can earn after you factor in merit and athletic scholarships. Take time to discuss all costs with college coaches and schools’ financial aid departments.

The best way to succeed in your recruitment is to do your homework; learn all you can about each college and each team. The more you take-in the better prepared you will be to make an informed decision.

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