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You Should Not Say This to Coaches

What recruits need to know before making that first call to college coaches

Recruits have so much to consider once they are ready to give it their all in the recruiting process. We see this a lot; once we tell recruits the secrets to getting an athletic scholarship, they waste no time in locating college coaches contact information and make a horrible first impression.

Learn the entire recruiting process before acting too fast

We know not everyone knows the process of college recruiting, which is why we are here. With the amount of college coaches out there, it means there are many ways they prefer to communicate and talk with recruits. Each coach proceeds in their recruiting in different ways, which is why you must have general knowledge about how the recruiting process works.

Recruiting gone wrong with College Coaches

Recruits don’t realize that there’s more to finding a scholarship opportunity than saying “hello coach, I want a scholarship to play on your team.” Recruits need to do some research first. The more they know about the college and the team, the better. It is then, when they have a much better understanding of what they really want in a college that they should begin to find out more about those particular colleges and learn how to contact those coaches.

Why you need to be cautious when contacting coaches?

If you’re not cautious with your correspondence between college coaches, you may jeopardize your chances at attending and competing at your dream school. If a coach feels you are only wasting their time by asking for a scholarship when you have clearly not done your research, then they might go to extremes and block all future correspondence you try to make with them. The most important part of recruiting at this point is to make contact with college coaches appropriately.

Don’t let this to happen to you

It’s extremely important to be prepared when contacting college coaches, they are going to be glad you reached out to them, but they will also want to know if you are going to be a good match for their team. This is why we tell recruits to send video footage to coaches so they will be able to quickly evaluate you and see if you have what it takes to be a member of their team. Always move forward in your recruitment with caution, it is better to be fully prepared than to make a fool of yourself.

Finding scholarship opportunities is difficult; if you have more questions about how to better contact coaches than leave your comment below and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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