Bevill State Community College Athletic scholarships

Bevill State Community College is a community college offering two-year courses found in Sumiton, Alabama. The college was established in 1992. It was originally known as Walker State Technical College, Brewer State Junior College and Walker College. The school has more than 3,000 students.

The Commission on College of the Southern Association of Colleges and School granted accreditation to Bevill in 1994. The college is comprised of campuses and centers, namely, the Sumilton campus, the Jasper campus, the Hamilton campus and the Fayette campus; the centers are in Mount Olive and Pickens. Bevill State is committed to providing quality education and training to their students.

Athletics Department of Bevill State Community College

The athletics department knows that athletic competition is an important part of their mission, especially if it brings success. Athletics gives the student athletes to personally grow and develop almost every aspect of their life. Key factors like leadership, physical and mental health, quick thinking, sacrifice, self discipline and respect for authority are improved while engaging in sports. Sports facilities are provided and are constantly evaluated to improve and maintain. These facilities are the gym, volleyball court, locker room, weight room, baseball field, softball field, and track.

Athletic Programs of Bevill State Community College

Student activities give opportunities for students to contribute positively to their community and school. Extracurricular activities include parties, dances, trips, or entertainment like concerts of play. Bands and chorus make the campus experience even more exciting and fun. The different music groups take time to perform at either concerts or sports events or beauty pageants. Fraternities and sororities are also sources of activities on campus. Intramural sports are also vital in one’s college life. Sports activities include chess, bowling, pool, volleyball, ping-pong, softball, flag football and basketball.


The Bears are the official varsity team of the college. The Bears play sport for men and women, which are cross country, baseball, basketball and softball. The Bevill State Community College is part of the Alabama College System and competes in the Alabama Community College Conference.

Guide to Athletic Scholarship at Bevill State Community College

At Bevill State Community College, 79% of their students are receiving financial assistance. Financial aid includes grants, work study program and scholarships. Grants include the Federal Pell grant and the Federal Supplemental Educational Grant. Scholarships include Designated scholarships and the Institutional Scholarships.
Athletic Scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis. Head coaches evaluate both academic and athletic progress at the end of the school year to determine if the scholarship will be renewed. If awarded, the scholarship covers the tuition, books and other fees.

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