Albany State University Athletics

The Albany State University is a historically black university in Albany, Georgia. They are a state college that offers four year academic programs, graduate program, professional degree programs and non tradition programs (online learning, etc.). The school has a housing facility that allows them to take in students from other states and from different countries. They have been noted for their capability of providing high quality education and has been ranked as one of the best undergraduate school’ in the South.

Athletics Department of Albany State University

The athletics department of the Albany State University works hard to make sure that their players receive the support they need with their athletic training and academic courses. They work closely with their student-athletes professors to monitor their performance in the classroom while shaping their skills in the field of play. Though the department aims to produce champions in sports, their varsity team members understand that the first priority will always be their education. As such, they strive to manage their time between practices and their studies.

Athletic Programs of Albany State University

The athletic programs of the Albany State University are: men’s track and field, baseball, men’s cross country, football, men’s basketball, women’s cheerleading, women’s basketball, women’s volleyball, women’s cross country, women’s track and field, women’s softball and women’s tennis. They also have a cheerleading team that performs during playoffs.

Intramural sports and recreational activities are also available to those who do not wish to participate in varsity sports. The offerings vary and is dependent on the season of the year. The college features several athletic and recreational facilities to host these programs.

Official Sports Team: Golden Rams

The official nickname of the sports team of the Albany State University is the Golden Rams. They compete in the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic and is also affiliated with the Division II of the NCAA. The team has been noted for their dedication and display of good teamwork. Over the years, the Golden Rams have taken home many championship titles in the sports field they take part of.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Albany State University

The Albany State University knows that funding a college education may become a challenge to the student and their families. As such, they have put together several scholarship opportunities to help their talented learners reach their goals in acquiring a college diploma. The school offers several sponsored grants, guidance in applying for a Financial Aid and external scholarship.

Student-athletes who are in need of financial support may approach the Director of the Athletic Department of the head coach of the sports they are a part of to discuss their options. Coverage may include full tuition and other fees or a part of it.

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