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Learn How Track and Field Colleges Recruit Athletes

As a recruiting resource, our job is to get you the necessary information to help you get ahead during your college recruitment process. At this point you should already know we have an vast supply of material for you to refer to during your recruitment. We are also here to make sure you are aware of recruitment happenings and specific calendar dates relevant to college track and field programs.

Track and Field Recruitment Period


Today marks the 3rd day of the early signing period. This means track and field recruits are able to sign a National Letter of Intent or NLI with the college they want to attend next year. The NLI contract is more than a verbal commitment; it closes the recruitment process for a signing athlete.  The remaining part of a signing athletes recruitment will now focus on meeting all eligibility requirements.

Why athletes choose to sign an NLI during the track and field early signing dates

This week, November 14- November 21, college coaches have seven days to help them lock in and build their 2013 team. The early signing period is also an advantage for student-athletes hoping to wrap up their college recruitment earlier than other recruits.  Once an athlete signs an NLI with a college, they’re saying they will attend that college and compete on the track team. This puts a halt to their recruitment process and allows time for recruits to concentrate on their academic eligibility. Most student-athletes are eager to sign and make their college recruitment come to an end.

Signing early can be a beneficial, but athletes should not feel pressured to sign if they are unsure of which college they want to attend. This decision should not be taken lightly, students risk making a bad decision if they rush their recruiting process.

Athletes who choose to sign an NLI during this early signing period usually do so because they’ve been asked to sign with a college they want to attend and know exactly what’s expected of them during the following year. These athletes want the remaining months of their senior year to be free from any recruitment pressures.

Track and field scholarships

As a recruit you cannot simply ask a college coach to send you an NLI. This is not how college recruiting works. If you’ve put in the time and a coach sends you an NLI, it means you have been in contact with them and have had conversations about your college plans. Because of this contact college coaches are able to see if you will or won’t be a valuable asset to their college team. Every track and field athlete is looking for a scholarship, so be the recruit that stands out and goes above and beyond in your recruitment.

Track and Field Colleges

Track athletes are lucky because they have college options available to them at all levels, NCAA division I schools, NCAA division II schools, NCAA division III schools, NAIA colleges and NJCAA colleges all offer Track and Field scholarships. If you are still trying to
locate more college opportunities you can find track colleges here.

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