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Is Middle School too Early to Start College Recruiting?

A lot of thought goes into the college recruiting process. As a recruit you and your family need to consider multiple scenarios and situations when it comes to finding your best college option.  Student-athletes who are not the top recruits in the country will need to realize their recruiting will be much more involved.  It’s […]

Keep Your Cool in the Heat of the Moment

For many athletes, being able to compete in sports is their whole life. They have a strong passion for their sport and the drive to do the best they can in every practice, competition, and tournament. This dedication is often what separates athletes from recreational participants. Being passionate about your sport and your performance is […]

It is Not Over Yet: Try Walking On

Many student-athletes choose to walk-on to college programs initially, which gives them an opportunity to play at the college level and perhaps earn a scholarship later on in their career. We understand how fast high school happens, and how most student-athletes are not always fully prepared to meet the demands necessary for them to get recruited. […]

Get Recruited Now: Do Not Get Caught in the Waiting Game

There are still Recruiting opportunities out there for you If you have waited and waited for college coaches to contact you and offer you a spot on their team with no avail, then you need to consider taking another approach to recruiting. Scratch that- you NEED to take another approach. Once you’re ready to move […]

Three Tips to Target Your Recruiting Efforts and Know Where to Aim

Kids and athletes have grown up watching colleges with strong athletic programs dominate the airwaves on ESPN and other television stations. They have become so familiar with the “glamorous” athletes and coaches that it becomes their main impression of college sports. But for 99% of high school athletes who go on to compete in college, […]

Being an Athlete is Only Half the Battle

We are often asked- what does it take to get a college scholarship? To be honest, there isn’t one fool-proof formula or answer. There are so many variables that factor into why some athletes get scholarships and others don’t. You or your friends might have seen someone less talented than you go onto play in […]

Do Not Be Fooled by These Three Recruiting Rumors

Rumor #1: You have to be the best on your team to get an athletic scholarship The ability to obtain a college athletic scholarship depends on many factors surrounding one’s recruiting. The first one to consider is the uniqueness of all student-athletes: Athletes all have different strengths, weaknesses, and attributes. Experienced college coaches are searching […]

College Recruiting Mistakes #6: Letters & Phone Calls From Coaches

Despite all of Timmy’s mistakes, his pure athleticism has kept him in the recruiting game. Other recruits Timmy knows who have followed a relatively similar path have fallen by the wayside. At this point letters from all over the country have started to show up. Some are similar to the letter’s Timmy was receiving before while […]

How to be Better at Recruiting Than Your Competition

It’s one thing to say you have what it takes to get recruited, but another to be willing to make your recruiting happen for you. Many potential high school recruits contact us looking for direction; they have multiple questions about how to get recruited and are extremely enthusiastic about getting started, but soon enough they […]

Finding Ice Hockey Scholarships

Ice hockey is fairly limited sport in college athletics. There are only 136 men’s and 84 women’s college ice hockey programs in the United States. And most of these are located in the Northeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions. If you are serious about finding an opportunity to compete in college hockey, these will have to […]

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