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How My Official Visits Helped Me Choose the College I Love

The Official Visit: Where the Real Decisions are Made I did a lot of legwork during my last two years as a high school swimmer. I went from thinking I couldn’t compete at the college level to receiving nine scholarship offers. What follows is a breakdown of my four official visits, what I thought before […]

Practical Tips For Unofficial Visits

The Unofficial Visit: Looking at a School on My Schedule, Under My Terms When I was a high school swimmer I took a couple of Unofficial visits with my mom when she had to travel for work. It was scary and intimidating to visit a university campus as a seventeen year old. I couldn’t imagine […]

Six Most Important Steps to Get Recruited to Play College Football

Play a Recruitable Position Many high school football players make the mistake of playing a position that they will not get recruited to play in college. This hurts your recruiting stock because coaches will likely want to see you perform on film and in live situations to get a good feel for your abilities at […]

Recruiting Justin Bieber to Play College Hoops

Beebs Own Nash Anybody see that wicked crossover Justin Bieber put down on two-time NBA most valuable player Steve Nash? It got us thinking about recruiting and, well, if there is a place in the college basketball world for a 5’5 point guard with an eleven inch vertical and a beautiful singing voice. The Perfect […]

Expert Interview: Understanding Your Recruiting Calendar

Understanding Your Recruiting Calendar Joshua Zimmerman spends his days advising families about college recruiting. “There is a lot of confusion about what it takes to be recruited,” he said. “The athlete has to put in some real work, especially in learning when the whole recruiting process starts.” According to Zimmerman, you must learn to understand […]

My Recruiting Story: The Journey of a Swimmer

Sink or Swim If I had a chance to do my college swimming career again, I would contact lots of coaches–you never know where the right balance of academics, athletics and geography will be unless you turn over every stone.  You can always say ‘no’ to a school or coach, but it’s nice to have […]

Why You Should Make a Highlight Video

One of the questions that seems to always pop up with parents and athletes who want to play sports in college is “How do I get noticed?  How do I set myself apart from other athletes?”   It’s a very easy question to ask, and now, answer.  Video. The Power of the Picture  I’ve spent my […]

What level of college football can you play?

There are 859 colleges that offer the opportunity to play college football.  That means for almost every football player there are options when considering playing at the college level. So many young men playing high school football set their sights on D1 and if that doesn’t work out they simply give up. The truth is there are financial […]

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