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Send in the Backups: Why Backups are Key to a Successful Program

College football is known for its hard hits and high injury rate. Athletes and players train hard to help prevent injury while also being able to be successful on the field. Football also has a lot of specialized positions that require training and practice. That is why the depth of talent on football teams has […]

The Lighter Side of the Recruiting Process

There’s no doubt that the recruiting process for high school athletes is confusing, stressful, and basically very overwhelming. Between the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA, there are dozens of athletic and academic requirements that athletes need to meet. College application requirements add even more confusion to the mess. It’s no wonder that we are constantly getting phone […]

What You Can Learn From the Top Player in the World

You probably saw the clips or at least tuned in to the finals of this year’s US Open, because that’s when tennis gets exciting. You have to agree, Serena winning another title is well worth it. And on the men’s side, the battle of Djokovic and Murray was the most intense match of the entire […]

Are You Ready to Get a College Scholarship?

Each athlete has their own starting point Finding a good starting point to begin your journey to getting recruited is monumental in making your final goals lead you to success. If you are prepared, you are going to be ahead of other recruits when it comes to finding a college opportunity. Be prepared Being prepared for […]

What If You Do Not Fit the Typical Recruiting Mold?

Recruits who are not top national recruits must be creative and find different ways to get ahead in their recruitment. They should start by finding the right college, making sure they are academically eligible to play at their target division level, and making contact with college coaches and college recruiters so they can begin to […]

The Four Keys to Softball Recruiting Success

As the popularity of softball continues to grow, the key elements in the recruiting process start to shift. There are more and more girls trying to get positions on teams that aren’t growing any bigger. In order to have an edge in softball recruiting, you need to know what you’re doing; and you need to […]

Walking-on Could be Your Path to a Scholarship

Recruits need to know what it really takes to compete at the college level. There are hundreds of thousands high school athletes out there, and most are hoping for a chance to get noticed; but when scouts don’t find them, then they need to realize it’s time for a different recruitment approach. If you think […]

Summer is Halfway Over- Have You Been Noticed Yet?

Summer marks the time when student athletes get a break from school and from their team. What many athletes don’t realize is that summer is also a crucial time in their recruiting. It’s the time when many college coaches take the time to go see the recruits that they are interested in. So now that […]

6 Questions Athletes Need to Answer to Take Their Recruiting to the Next Level

Don’t let this happen to you Too many high school athletes only start to consider their sports recruiting options when their teammates or friends begin to take college visits or correspond with college coaches. Senior year is when we begin to see the panic in athletes and their families because they have done nothing to […]

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