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Summer is Halfway Over- Have You Been Noticed Yet?

Summer marks the time when student athletes get a break from school and from theirSummer is Halfway Over- Have you Been Noticed Yet? team. What many athletes don’t realize is that summer is also a crucial time in their recruiting. It’s the time when many college coaches take the time to go see the recruits that they are interested in. So now that the summer is halfway gone, have you been seen or noticed by college coaches? If you said no, you should use the rest of your summer wisely.

This is not the time to sit by a pool and wait for coaches to come find you, because it won’t happen. You are responsible for your own recruiting process and you need to be proactive. Use all the extra time you have during the summer to prepare or catch up in the recruiting process. But the most important thing to do right now is make sure you get seen by college coaches.

Here are three ways to ensure that college coaches get the opportunity to see you:

  1. Your highlight video: When it’s not possible for you to attend a camp where a coach you want is attending, or a coach isn’t attending the camp you signed up for, then your video is the next best option. Make sure your video demonstrates all of your strengths within your sport. Make it between 5-6 minutes long and skip the soundtrack (you don’t need it).
  2. Go to Camps: College coaches go to summer camps to see the recruits they are already talking to, so make sure that you try and get registered at the camps where the coaches who need to see you are. But of course, make sure you are talking to the coaches before you go! That’s the best way to ensure they don’t miss you while at camp.
  3. Visit Coaches at their school: Being able to call and email the coach during the summer is a huge advantage for any recruit. You can talk about making visits to the schools and meeting the coach and team in person. While having the coach see you play is very important, it’s also important for the coach to see how you present yourself off the field as a potential student-athlete in their program.

Don’t lose the chance to still be seen by college coaches this summer. Start contacting coaches and talking to them about camps, videos, and school visits. It’s the face-to-face time that will really pay out in the end!

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