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Women Can Play College Football Too?

We recently had an athlete phone in with an interesting question: why can’t girls earn football scholarships? The truth is female football players can earn a scholarship to play in college. However, it is rare. You won’t find many female football athletes at the college level. While there has been a rise in female participation […]

Why Summer Is A Great Time To Plan And Build Momentum In Your Recruiting

A Time to Build On Recruiting Summer is coming–time to plan for summer jobs, vacations, and lay out your recruiting plan. Depending on what grade you are entering you will need to have different summer plans of attack for your recruiting. Entering Freshman You are about to enter a world completely different and foreign to […]

Never Rule Out Becoming A Walk-On

Have You thought About Walking on? Click here to learn how to become a walk-on. Did you know that it’s more likely you won’t play in college than you will? If you do, did you know that colleges have far more positions available on a squad than they have scholarships for each year? Did you […]

Why College-Bound Athletes Burn Out And How To Avoid It

Avoiding Burnout One of the recurring debates in high school recruiting circles is whether it’s better to specialize in one sport or play multiple sports. Our focus for this piece is athletes who burn out and, from that perspective, the evidence shows it is better to play multiple sports. But why? First and foremost is […]

Can Sports Recruiting Help Lower The High School Dropout Rate?

Remember When Recess was the Best Part of the Day? Take a moment and look back to your days as an elementary school student. If you are the athletic type there’s a good chance the time that meant the most to you was recess, a break when you could go outside and run and play […]

The Four Best Things You Can Do To Stay Injury-Free

Part of the Game Injuries are not fun. But they are a prevalent part of sports and can have a profound impact on one’s ability to be recruited. An important aspect of being recruited is staying as injury-free as possible. Coaches are less likely to recruit an athlete who is currently injured or who has […]

Proposed NCAA Rule Change Should Curb Concussions In Football

Rule Changes and the Essence of the Game It’s hard to look at proposed rule changes for college football–especially when those changes are designed to make the game safer–and not embrace them with open arms. But what if those changes compromise the essence of the game? Limiting the Number of Concussions A lot of injuries […]

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