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What You Need to do Once Your Fall Season is Finished

If you compete in a fall sport then you’ve probably spent that last few months training, practicing, and competing almost every day. And when you’ve got that on top of school and other responsibilities, you’ve probably also managed to stay pretty busy. But just because your schedule has slowed down, it doesn’t mean your recruiting should.

There is no off-season in your recruiting if you are serious about finding an athletic scholarship. Something can always be done to gain exposure to college coaches, maintain your eligibility, or research schools, among other things. Since your competitive season ends so early in the academic year, you will still make plans to train and progress even when you are not competing. Keep college coaches updated on things like this, even when you are not in season. It is important to demonstrate to them that you are dedicated as an athlete and that you are not slacking off even when your season is over.

When your season comes to a close, it’s time to get everything organized and prepared to send to college coaches. If you have already been in contact with coaches, you will want to send updated stats and game footage. If you haven’t already started talking to college coaches, compile your stats from the season, your academic standing, and a highlight video and put it into your sport portfolio. Then start searching for schools you are interested in playing for and create a target list.

Here is a list of things to send to college coaches once your season is over:

  • Sports stats (i.e. points, minutes played, times, wins/losses, etc.)
  • Academic standing (current GPA, SAT/ACT scores or test dates)
  • Highlight Video/New Game footage
  • Plans to ask more questions and follow-up with the coach (i.e. end your email with something that lets the coach know how interested you are and that you look forward to asking more questions about their program)

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