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Trick or Treat? What Your Favorite Candy Can Teach You About Recruiting

The college sports recruiting process continues to get more and more complicated each year. There are new rules, methods for contact, and tons of new coaches and athletes. The recruiting process can end up as a tricky venture if you don’t know what you are doing.

If you want to get the most out of your recruiting process, you need to prepare, organize, and stay informed. Our website has the information and tools you need to help you take control of the recruiting process. Since it is the end of October, many fall sports are wrapping up their seasons. This means these athletes will have a little more time on their hands to get more proactive in their recruiting. Use that time wisely!

As a Halloween treat, here are some recruiting tips from your favorite candy treats:

Snickers- “Hungry? Why Wait?”  We receive tons of emails and phone calls from athletes who don’t understand why they aren’t being recruited. And many of those athletes tell us they are waiting for coaches to contact them. If you are hungry enough for an athletic scholarship, you need to stop waiting and contact coaches yourself! You need to prove to them that your hunger drives you to work hard and make a difference on any team you play on. So stop waiting!

Twix- “It’s All in the Mix” There isn’t simply one magic thing to do that will help you get recruited. It’s about doing many different things. If you have just been emailing coaches and waiting for a response, you need to mix it up. Start calling college coaches, or following them on social media. You should also start an online profile and send it to them. Getting recruited is about doing everything possible to find an opportunity- so make sure you mix up your approach.

Skittles- “Taste the Rainbow” A rainbow is a wide range of colors, it’s not just one or two colors. So why would you only contact one or two colleges? In order to find the best collegiate fit, you need to consider a variety of schools. Get a taste for schools in different regions, division levels, and school size. It’s the best way to ensure you find the school that will increase your chances of success.

Smarties- “Only Smarties Have the Answer” There is a lot of information that you need to know regarding the recruiting process. You will benefit greatly by getting familiar with the process and knowing what to expect from it. The requirements to get cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center alone can create a lot of confusion, and the rules for contacting coaches are even more confusing. So use our site to help get more informed and ask us questions.

If you have other questions about Halloween or the recruiting process, then leave your comment below and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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