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Seniors: This is What You Must Do Now to Find a Scholarship

Seniors, time is closing in on your last high school year; there is no time to waste! If you’ve been working on your sports recruitment throughout your high school career you will have an easier time organizing and securing a college spot. If you know you want to attend college, but haven’t been doing as much as you should to get recruited, then get readyto buckle down and get organized- There is a lot to do this month!

College recruiting

If your sport concluded this fall then you need to start working extra hard at getting your name out to college coaches. Ask about available spots and let the coach know how serious you are by keeping them updated with your progress.

This month you need to make more of an effort to reach out and get in contact with college coaches. They cannot recruit you unless they know who you are and what you are capable of. If you need help getting started click here.

College application deadlines

In case you didn’t know; some college application deadlines have already come and gone. Yes, early admissions deadlines for some institutions have recently passed on November 1st, and some are set to pass on November 15th. Don’t panic yet, not all colleges have deadlines set on the same day, but if you don’t know the deadlines of the colleges you are applying to, you are going to need to find out fast; it’s up to you to get all your information in before the deadline.

This month, if you plan on applying during the regular admission period then begin organizing all your application deadline dates NOW and see if you will benefit from using a common application to help save on time.

College applications and supplemental material

Submitting a college application is more than filling out forms with your personal information. Most colleges are going to want to know much more about you, this way they have student’s complete supplemental material. Supplements to your college application include: writing out short or long essays, letters of reference, and maybe even a portfolio of your work. Admission officers are looking to enroll students who they feel will be good candidates and will be driven to succeed- you need to take your application and supplemental material seriously if you plan on getting accepted.

This month you should work on finishing-up your college entrance essays and also securing your letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors and community members.

Other college deadlines to be aware of this November

  • Registering and taking the ACT and/ SAT test.
  • Keeping up with your grades – remember regular application deadlines take into account your first semester senior year grades, so make sure they look sharp.
  • Meet registration deadlines for scholarships and FAFSA.
  • Maintain recruiting talks with college coaches- keep them informed about your progress and college plans.

If you have any questions about how to keep on track during the admissions process then leave your comment below and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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