College Recruiting in the New Year

New Year’s Resolution in Recruiting Like all New Year’s resolutions, you need to be committed to meeting your set goals and aspirations. In any case, your New Year’s goals will take plenty of time to achieve just like your college recruitment. If you are ready to make your resolutions match your recruitment goals then this […]

Doomsday Recruiting: Would You be Recruited Before the World Ended?

According to the Mayan calendar, today might have been the “end of the world”. Now, since that obviously isn’t happening, it gives us a chance to reflect on what we are doing and what our goals are. The goal of many high school athletes is to get recruited to play college sports. Being a collegiate […]

How College Coaches Recruit Players

College coaches spend 50% of their time on recruiting Coaches are constantly looking for the best players to fill next year’s open positions.  They rely on many different methods to finding the right recruits. As a recruit it will be your job to understand how college coaches recruit players so you will have the best […]

The Best Ways to Stay on Track During the Football Dead Period

The football dead period starts today for high school recruits across the country. The dead period means there is restricted face-to-face contact between college coaches and potential recruits. While you are still able to call and email with college coaches during this time, it is easy to lose ground in your recruiting because of the […]

What Recruits Need to Know About College Bowl Games

Now that it’s the start of the college bowl season it’s time for recruits to learn even more about the football recruitment process. To start, here’s a taste of what college football competition looks like: There are over 1.1 million high school football players in the US and only 13,750 NCAA division I football spots […]

How High School Track and Field Affects your College Recruitment

What you need to know about college track and field There’s a lot of athletic competition out there so if you want to compete at the college level you need to know everything there is about the recruiting process. Whether you are a first year high school student or a senior this year you need […]

New NCAA Rule for Junior-Year Basketball Recruits

Are you a junior-year basketball recruit? Did you know that starting January 1, 2013, you are allowed to start taking official visits to potential colleges? Earlier this year, the NCAA made big changes to the Men’s Basketball Recruiting model. One of the biggest changes was the date that official visits to start for students in […]

Use These ACT Test Tips to Boost Your Recruiting Profile

Many of you might be heading to the take the ACT tomorrow (December 8th), which means you need to be as prepared as possible. You should have spent the last couple of months studying, taking practice tests, and getting all the help you can to do well on the ACT test. And of course, you […]

Finding Top Soccer Colleges

College Soccer Championships Every November college soccer teams compete in the soccer college championships to determine who will be number 1. College soccer players and fans are just a few days away from learning which team will be this year’s reigning soccer champs.  The NCAA division I Men’s championship will be held this Sunday in […]

NCAA Volleyball Rankings Can Help Your Recruiting

According to the NCAA Recruiting calendar, the quiet period for women’s volleyball starts today, December 3rd, and runs until next Tuesday, December 11th. During the quiet period, a college coach may only have in-person contact with you on campus. That means they cannot come to your tournaments or games to evaluate you. You are still […]

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