10 Scariest Real-Life Sports Costumes

Lawrence Taylor Okay, we love Lawrence Taylor as a player.  He changed the way the game was played.But the zombie version here just plain scared us.  Now we know how all those NFL quarterbacks felt. Pat McQuistan With a nice haircut and a pose that doesn’t highlight his numerous chins, the Dallas Cowboys’ McQuistan isn’t a […]

Expert Interview: Understanding Your Recruiting Calendar

Understanding Your Recruiting Calendar Joshua Zimmerman spends his days advising families about college recruiting. “There is a lot of confusion about what it takes to be recruited,” he said. “The athlete has to put in some real work, especially in learning when the whole recruiting process starts.” According to Zimmerman, you must learn to understand […]

Five Worst Cases of Parents Gone Wild

The Me Generation Is youth sports violence really growing at an alarming rate or are we just more aware of it because of the internet and other media outlets? It’s a tough question to answer and, really, it depends on who you ask. 5 Worst Cases of Sports Parents Gone Wild (5) September 2006, Stockton, […]

Six Tips to Pick Your Club Basketball Team

Find the Right Club Team for You Having been a high school coach I have seen many other high school coaches dissuade their players from club ball, much to my chagrin. I know my limitations as a coach, as well as the fact that being a teacher I only have limited time to devote to […]

Five Keys to Getting a Volleyball Scholarship

Take Your Game to The Next Level Looking to take your game to the collegiate level? Do you think you have what it takes? I’ll give you some key pointers on getting a college volleyball scholarship and things to consider when making recruiting decisions. Just Like Applying for a Job There are multiple aspects to […]

Facebook: The Ultimate Guide for Student-Athletes

Listen to Your Mother  If it would upset your Mom, don’t post it. This is a good rule of thumb for high school and college student-athletes when it comes to Facebook. This may sound a little harsh to 16-22 year old high school and college students, the most active demographic in the Facebook universe. But […]

My Recruiting Story: The Journey of a Swimmer

Sink or Swim If I had a chance to do my college swimming career again, I would contact lots of coaches–you never know where the right balance of academics, athletics and geography will be unless you turn over every stone.  You can always say ‘no’ to a school or coach, but it’s nice to have […]

Basketball Recruiting Secrets

Engage in the Process As a coach and basketball trainer a question I often hear from players and parents is “When should we start the recruiting process?” This is a valid question, as competition for those basketball scholarship dollars is growing each year, and the athletic budgets of many schools are being greatly reduced. The […]

Why You Should Make a Highlight Video

One of the questions that seems to always pop up with parents and athletes who want to play sports in college is “How do I get noticed?  How do I set myself apart from other athletes?”   It’s a very easy question to ask, and now, answer.  Video. The Power of the Picture  I’ve spent my […]

What level of college football can you play?

There are 859 colleges that offer the opportunity to play college football.  That means for almost every football player there are options when considering playing at the college level. So many young men playing high school football set their sights on D1 and if that doesn’t work out they simply give up. The truth is there are financial […]

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