5 Rules Parents Should Follow During the Recruiting Process

The Need to Control As a parent of a recruited student-athlete you need to ask yourself a question before the process starts: “Which one of us wants to be a college athlete?” Many times parents–with the right intentions–will take control of the recruiting process. They think they’re helping their son or daughter, but many times […]

3 Tools High School Athletes Can Use to Get to Know College Coaches

Getting to Know the Coach Just as important as liking the school you pick is liking and respecting the college coach you choose to compete for. Many student-athletes find themselves transferring, dropping out or quitting their sport while in college not because they no longer love the sport, but because they don’t want to work […]

Where the Top Ten College Football Teams Recruit

Where do Coaches Recruit? When you think of football recruiting, have you ever wondered where these coaches go to get all these great athletes? Are these coaches jet-setting all over the country, selling 17 & 18 year old kids on an education, an opportunity to be great, and possibly–for some–to become part of history? College football […]

11 Questions Parents Can Ask To Help Their Student-Athlete Pick The Right College

This checklist is designed specifically for parents of student-athletes. Many parents drive 5 hours one way for a weekend tournament or sit through an entire meet to see a few minutes of their child competing. For the parents who love watching their student-athlete compete and succeed here is a quick run-down of what your child […]

12 Reasons Student-Athletes Should Visit A College Before Making A Decision

Visiting College Campus Students should take advantage of the opportunity to visit colleges or speak with visiting college representatives for the purpose of learning more about campus life. This will help the prospective student-athlete understand how to get into college and what to expect from campus life. These opportunities are wonderful starts to getting your child […]

How the BCS Diminishes College Football (Infographic)

Raise your hand if you hate the BCS. This infographic, “How The BCS Diminishes College Football”, makes the case against the BCS system. The IG is based largely on Dan Wetzel’s excellent book, “Death to the BCS.” If you don’t hate the BCS you are likely a fan of the SEC–winner of the last five […]

A Parent’s Guide to Eligibility Requirements for the College-Bound Athlete

A Parent’s Guide to College Tests To be eligible to play at the NCAA or NAIA collegiate level of sports your student-athlete will have to have more than athletic skills. Student-athletes will have to meet all academic requirements that each athletic governing body has set forth for all incoming college athletes. Getting Started Get familiar […]

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