Storm Your Court

Up next on The Discovery Channel: “Court-Storm Chasers”. In this week’s episode our intrepid investigators trek to Champaign, Ill., to track a mad rush as yet another No. 1 falls. Later, they’ll head east to South Bend to wait…and wait…and wait… for a court-storm following a five-overtime win. What –or who – is behind this […]

3 Steps to Keep Lawyers Out of the NLI Process

Some may wonder why National Signing Day has become a nationally televised event. However, anyone who followed Alex Collins’ signing last week knows that National Signing Day brings more drama than some reality T.V. shows. That being said, however, a recruit’s signing should not and does not have to involve lawyers. For those unfamiliar with […]

NCAA Considering Changes to New Initial Eligibility Standards

At its January meeting, the NCAA Board of Directors discussed alternatives to the new initial eligibility standards coming in 2016. The Committee on Academic Performance discussed eight options, but eventually forwarded three to the Board of Directors for more discussion. One alternative do not change the end results of the changes, but may change how […]

The Winter of Our Letter of Intent

First Monday in October? The Supreme Court reconvenes. Fourth Thursday in November? Thanksgiving. First Wednesday in February? National Signing Day, which for many Americans is a more circle-worthy date on the calendar than the other two. Nobody loses a game on Signing Day. Everybody gains anywhere from one to two dozen (and, if Houston Nutt […]

Freeze Tag

You saw “The Blind Side.” I saw “The Blind Side.” We probably arrived at the same conclusion: Hugh Freeze is not as savvy a recruiter as is Leigh Anne Tuohy. You will recall that Freeze, 43, was Michael Oher’s football coach at Briarcrest Christian School in Memphis, Tenn., but that it was Oher’s legal guardian-cum-adoptive […]

Worries About Unlimited Recruiting Contact Are Overblown

For years, we heard about how unbelievable it was that the NCAA would try to police phone calls and text messages. Coaches got in trouble for accidentally replying to texts or butt-dialing prospects. Coaches complained (anonymously) about how they did not want to cheat, but their competitors were not following the limits. And everyone just […]

The NCAA Up In Smoke

Would you mind if I took this moment to compare Johnny Manziel to a joint, a spliff, or even a dime bag of marijuana? And would you stay with me as I attempt to explain that this is not a derogatory comparison, to relate the charismatic Heisman Trophy winner to a (currently) illegal substance? Cannabis, […]

The First Three Questions D1 College Coaches Ask Recruits

One of the biggest stressors for recruits may not be performing in games in front of college coaches, but rather, the questions college coaches may ask them.  Most recruits have experienced few job interviews at this age.  Thus, they oftentimes lack the experience necessary to fully and adequately answer a coach’s questions in a way […]

Why Does Mark Emmert Get the Blame?

Why Does Mark Emmert Get the Blame? The public reaction to NCAA screw-ups, scandals, and unpopular rulings since Mark Emmert has taken over as president almost universally seems to be to blame Mark Emmert personally. Here is an illustrative example from SB Nation: Mark Emmert wants the privilege of making the law. That means someone […]

Mr. Williams Goes to South Bend, Or Does He?

Now, on to the quandary presented by Monroe (Ga.) George Walton Academy running back Stanley Williams, a high school junior, whose story poses the age-old question, Just how many official non-visits is a recruit allowed to take? For the uninformed, an official non-visit is exactly like an official visit with the minor exception that it […]

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